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  1. What started as a personal passion for Ann turned into a major job -- that pays! Ann always loved taking photographs. She got her start by hiring models on ModelMayhem.com and working with them for free. Soon Ann built up a portfolio of work on...   Read More

  2. When she developed ADD and depression in high school, Lauren was in a funk. Her grades were down, she withdrew from friends and family, and she didn't know how to express herself. But taking high school film classes and joining an after-school...   Read More

  3. Fighting bullying has been an important cause for Nina ever since middle school. "I remember crying while shoving my sweatshirt in the trash during one third-grade recess because a girl told me I looked ugly in it," she says. In sixth grade, she...   Read More

  4. With more than 100 race wins in a male-dominated sport, Shannon won't take her foot off the gas until she becomes the first female to win the Indy 500. She has been racing cars with her family since the age of 5 -- but at 17, she found sponsorship...   Read More

  5. It's hard to believe that a girl who once lived in a homeless shelter is now running a successful clothing business. But it's even more amazing that Zoe Damacela has been doing it since she was 14. While her single mother was struggling to make ends...   Read More