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  1. For the past nine years, Lizzie Grubman's public relations firm has showcased Lizzie's unique brand of high-energy personality, charisma and image. With a background that spans the range from nightclub promotions (beginning in her college years),...   Read More

  2. I am a Jersey girl, born and raised in Holmdel, not far from where Bruce and Bon Jovi live, but not close to too much else. I have a cat named Puddy, who lately has requested to go by P. Kitty. I grew up in the restaurant business, and that has...   Read More

  3. I grew up in sunny Southern California and consider myself to be a true California girl. As much as I love my San Diego roots, I always had an itch to see what was beyond the boundaries of the California state line. I graduated from the...   Read More

  4. I'm a New York City girl all the way. I graduated from the University of Maryland in College Park with a degree in Advertising and Mass Media. GO TERPS!! Like most college grads I was not sure what my next move would be; but I definitely knew that...   Read More

  5. I am from Pinconning, Michigan, population 1,300, so I'm a straight up Midwestern girl. I attended Central Michigan University where I was studying to become a weather girl, but then switched to politics and interned at both the US Congress and at...   Read More