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    "Pimp My Ride," returns for an all-new season, with an all-new garage....  Read Full Summary


  1. Funk Flex and Snoop Dogg scope out some of the hottest cars at the 2010 SEAM auto show in Las Vegas.

  2. Funk Flex talks shop with hip-hop heavyweights Fat Joe, Cam'ron and Curren$y at the Team Baurtwell Garage in Bronx, NY.

  3. Special guests Jim Jones and Maino stop by Funkmaster Flex's private garage to talk cars and watch three classic episodes of Pimp My Ride.

  4. Join the 'Rides' Fan Group to meet fellow auto enthusiasts and discuss the latest and craziest car mods and share photos and video of your pimped rides.

  5. Prepare to pimp your own ride as you watch video from the new game for the Wii.

  6. Take a look at the 'Pimp My Ride' game for the Nintendo Wii.

  7. XZibit and the GAS team pimp out Justin's '97 Toyota RAV4 to bring out his romantic side. Check out the full episode now.

  8. All New Levels and Upgrades! Crowd Magnet just got better with whole new areas to explore, all new items to buy and tons of people just dying to see your pimped out ride!

  9. Get the inside scoop - straight from the peeps who got pimped. Read and comment at the Pimp My Ride Blog.

  10. They can turn your hooptie into a dope-ass date magnet. Get up to speed on the fellas you know, and meet the new 'pimpologists' on the scene.

  11. Learn more about bio fuels, green cars and steps you can take to Break The Addiction

  12. Play super-mechanic and compile the ultimate cruisin' machine. Superchargers, flames, spoilers, wings, chrome... Which details are you going to use?

  13. Need a pimp fix? Whether you want to replay classic episodes, or peep exclusive new West Coast interviews, catch all the clips right here.

  14. Photo FlipbooksPhoto Flipbooks

    Check out these highlight shots from the very best of X's escapades.

  15. Get the G.A.S. hook up at the official Galpin Auto Sports website.

About Pimp My Ride

  1. "Pimp My Ride" has an all-new garage. Once again, rap superstar and car enthusiast Xzibit and car customization specialist Mad Mike take aim on the biggest clunkers on the road. Joining them for a new spin on car customization, is GAS -- Galpin Auto Sports. Taking car customization to the next level, together Xzibit, Mad Mike and the crew at GAS create unheard of pimped out masterpieces.