Featured Artists

  1. War On Christmas

  2. The Truth

Songs from the show

    1. Heavy Young Heathens  ‘Jackie Come Lately'

      Theme Song

    1. American Dollar  ‘War On Christmas'

    1. We Are The Arsenal  ‘The Truth'

    1. The Dwarves  ‘Another Classic'

    1. Love In October  ‘Soft Errors'

    1. Valient Thorr  ‘Heatseeker'

    1. Valis  ‘Daylight in the Swamps'

    1. Brain Police  ‘Leo'

    1. Raining And Ok  ‘Endless Love'

    1. Danko Jones  ‘I Wanna Break Up with You'

    1. ASG  ‘Ballad of Richard K.'

    1. Gram Rabbit  ‘American Hookers'

    1. Ian Love  ‘One by One'

    1. Mos Generator  ‘Silver Olympus'

    1. Heavy Young Heathens  ‘Bass Makes Treble'