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  1. Last week, Monica's over-the-top lap dance and Arika's un-sisterly like behavior resulted in another double dismissal. And since Paris won't tolerate bad behavior, she's teaching her pets the meaning of inner and outer beauty this week. Let the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Paris says good riddance to a diva-in-the-making and Katie defends her explosive exit.


  2. The BFFs learn a lesson on looking inside by digging through the world's largest cupcake and focus on the outside by seeing their own makeovers for the first ever Miss Paris Pageant.


About Episode

  1. Last week, Monica's over-the-top lap dance and Arika's un-sisterly like behavior resulted in another double dismissal. And since Paris won't tolerate bad behavior, she's teaching her pets the meaning of inner and outer beauty this week. Let the games begin!

    Tonight's episode kicks off with the potential BFFs reeling from Monica and Arika's elimination. As the reality sinks in that people DO go home (Desirae admits she won't exactly be missing Monica), Paris sweeps the girls (and boy) off for their next challenge and introduces them to the World's Largest Cupcake! According to Paris, cupcakes are "yummy, soft and sweet," just like BFFs! And, like her potential besties, there's often something hidden beneath their sugary surface.

    After a quick chat with the contestants (Kristen says she puts on a "hard shell" but is really a "softie" inside), Paris announces that she's placed three eggs inside the cupcake for them to find. Naturally, each egg is worth a prize, so the BFFs should keep their eyes peeled! When the competition begins, batter goes flying as everyone scrambles to come up with the eggs. After an intense search, Kaitlyn, Katie and Desirae end up walking away with the prize.

    Kaitlyn's egg contains a friendship ring from Paris, which she gladly accepts. (Although Stephen can't resist saying he thinks her prize is strange considering "she doesn't really have that many friends in this house.") Next, Desirae's egg yields an exotic lap dance from Onch while Katie discovers she's pulled the "bad egg," and has to put somebody up for this week's discussion.

    Although caught off-guard, Katie quickly votes for Desirae, citing her negative attitude and diva-like behavior. Not surprisingly, Desi fires back, calling Katie a "bitch" and an ice queen," while Paris shakes her head at all the drama and prepares for a "candy-covered catfight."

    And while Katie worries about landing on Desirae's bad side ("I don't wanna fight her," she sobs), she gets a happier surprise when Paris picks her as her new pet and tasks her with helping every step up their fashion game. Back in the house, Katie ruffles some feathers when she insists that everyone dress like her and accessorize their outfits with bows and tutus. In addition to imposing her style on the group, Katie takes the opportunity to make some catty comments about the others' clothes (e.g. "this is like a zebra on it's period," she informs one of the girls). Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates Katie's helpful hints (particularly Stephen, who calls Katie's style "fun but slightly tragic").

    When it's time to go before Paris for an evaluation, Katie proudly introduces the new and improved(?) BFFs. But Paris takes one look at the bow brigade and decides it's time to call in the experts. She tells everyone they'll be getting makeovers for the first annual Miss Paris pageant but says they'll be responsible for choosing their own red carpet hair/makeup/wardrobe looks. Paris explains she's not looking for any "fashion misfits" and says she wants a BFF with amazing style who knows how to think on her feet.

    Left to their own devices, Katie asks the stylists for "fun colors" in her hair, Nicole zones in on a frilly pink frock while Paris watches from backstage. After everyone's gotten their hair done, makeup applied and outfit picked out, Paris (joined by fashion designer Santino Rice) calls out the BFFs one by one to evaluate their new looks.

    As the fashion show gets underway, Kaitlyn, Elena, Stephen, Tineicia and Amanda impress Paris and Santino with their new 'dos and red carpet ready looks. But Desirae annoys the judges by announcing the price of her designer gown, Kristen bores them in black, Katie goes completely overboard with a neon pink-and-green frock and Nicole's "pink princess dress" reminds Paris more of junior prom than red carpet glam. In the end, Amanda is crowned the winner for her amazing dress and "bangable" new style. Paris announces that Nicole and Kristen will be put up for discussion (along with Desirae) based on their fashion faux pas and invites Amanda to join herself and her pet, Katie, for celebratory mani/pedis.

    In the nail salon, Amanda dishes on her housemates, making fun of Nicole's voice ("it change every day") and calling Kristen out for being a snob. Although Paris says she had an amazing time getting to know Amanda, she says she's disappointed in Katie for not opening up.

    Back at the BFF Super Mansion, Nicole stresses over wearing the wrong dress and says it's because she misunderstood the challenge. Meanwhile, Kristen says she doesn't want to be eliminated on the basis of one bad choice.

    When it's time for elimination, Paris gathers everyone together and announces she'll be putting Katie up for discussion because of her fashion missteps. After observing that all four of the girls on the chopping block (Katie, Nicole, Desirae and Kristen) need serious help in the "personal style department, Paris saves Desirae and Nicole and sends them back to their seats with a stern warning. Next, she says Katie failed to impress her with her clothes and her personality, and confronts Kristen about having a snotty attitude.

    Ultimately, Paris announces her decision: she'll be TTYNing both girls. While Kristen takes the news in stride, Katie shocks the room by firing back with a string of obscenities. Unmoved, Paris turns to Desirae and Nicole and tells them she's happy she saved them instead of "that stupid bowhead." She says Katie's disrespectful exit only served to confirm her suspisions: Katie was a hungry tiger for sure! Goodbye and good riddance!