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  1. Last week Paris flew the BFFers to Las Vegas, where they pole-danced, partied all night and came face to face with a real hungry tiger! But at the end of the day, Arielle was too shy and Rachel was waaaaay too creepy, so Ms. Hilton sent them......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Paris explains why Arika and Monica's behavior at the bachelor party earned them both an early "TTYN."


  2. The BFFs' sense of sisterhood it put to the test when Paris initiates them into the BFF Sisterhood and has them host a wild bachelor party for her friend.


About Episode

  1. Last week Paris flew the BFFers to Las Vegas, where they pole-danced, partied all night and came face to face with a real hungry tiger! But at the end of the day, Arielle was too shy and Rachel was waaaaay too creepy, so Ms. Hilton sent them packing. TTYN ladies!

    Now it's off to Beverly Hills, where the remaining twelve wannabes set up camp in the BFF Super Mansion. Natch, the girls are beyond impressed with their new digs, especially the fully stocked kitchen and ridonculous outdoor pool. No wonder Katie's calling it "TheBomb.com!"

    But there's no time for kicking back this week. Paris arrives early the next morning and informs the new recruits that if they want to be her bestie, they'll have to join the "BFF Sisterhood" a.k.a. a little sorority started by Princess Paris herself. And, oh yes, there will be pledging!

    Paris begins by dividing the besties into two teams. The six sweeties of the bunch join together as the Lace Team (Kaitlin insists she was miscast!), while the six bad asses become the Leather Team. Time for a costume change!

    The girls and Stephen emerge, decked out in their finest leather n' lace ensembles, and line up along the hallway where Paris performs the first (and kinkiest!) of her initiation rituals. With a feather in one hand and a whip in the other, Paris tickles the Lace Team and spanks the Leather Team. Nobody ever said pledging would be easy.

    Next, the girls, led by Onch, recite the BFF oath while holding a shot glass filled to the brim with yummy ingredients. The only problem? While strawberries, champagne, honey, caviar, pickles and sardines all taste good on their own, blending them together is a recipe for disaster. On Paris's count of three, everyone takes a shot of the frosty concoction, but in Tineicia's case, what goes down the hatch comes right back up again -- and again -- on the floor. Party foul!

    Despite exercising her upchuck reflex, Tiniecia never loses her southern cool. Paris is impressed and makes Tiniecia her "Pet of the Week" by handing over the coveted BFF necklace.

    There's only one last challenge separating these potential besties from the BFF sisterhood. They must work together to throw a bachelor party! Paris's good friend Mark has decided to tie the knot, so Paris offers him his last hurrah in the form of a party thrown by the twelve BFFs. Their only instructions? Show Mark and the boys a good time, while adhering to the golden rule of bestiehood: "sisters before misters." After all, Paris isn't just friends with Mark, she's also friends with his fiancé, Tara. These girls better behave!

    As the party gets going, everyone starts to wild out with music, dancing and drinking galore! Monica gets a little too wild and gives the bachelor a lap dance he'll never forget. Unfortunately for Monica, neither will anyone else. Easy, girl, this is supposed to be classy!

    Towards the end of the night, the bachelor decides that he wants one last kiss as a single man. And it doesn't take much persuasion for Arika to step up and give this guy more than he bargained for. Paris looks on in disbelief at Arika's party foul. The girls were supposed to show these fellas a good time, not tongue dance with the groom! Judging by the look on Paris' face, Arika has most definitely let the sisterhood down.

    In the morning, the eleven besties (minus Arika) head to the backyard and are greeted by a disapproving Paris. After all, one of the girls did NOT put sisters before misters. When Arika's finally invited to join the group (which includes Mark), Paris instructs the others to glare at her while she takes her walk of shame. It doesn't take long for anyone to realize that she's in some serious hot water. Especially after Paris invites Tara, the bride-to-be, to join the festivities.

    At Paris' prompting, Arika timidly recounts the events of the night before, and tells Tara the truth about her shameful kiss with Mark Naturally, Tara says she's disappointed with both Arika and Mark's actions, while Paris apologizes for her potential BFF's out-of-control behavior. Despite a heartfelt apology from Arika, Paris calls the meeting to a close by announcing that she'll be "put up for discussion" at tonight's elimination.

    Next on Paris' agenda: getting the scoop on all the drama in the house! Paris invites her pet, Tiniecia, plus one guest out for a tasty frozen treat. After a short deliberation, Tiniecia decides to bring Monica along for the ride. The ladies climb into Paris' hot pink Bentley and cruise over to the ice cream shop, where the potential BFFs take turns dishing the dirt. When Paris asks her pet who she should put up for discussion, Tiniecia doesn't even have to think before spitting out a name: Kaitlin.

    At elimination time, Arika and Kaitlin stand side-by-side, fingers crossed, while Paris asks the rest of the BFFs who they think should go home. Almost unanimously, they point their fingers towards Kaitlin, saying she talks too much and can't ever seem to keep her story straight. Despite the popular vote in favor of Arika, Paris can't seem to shake the idea that actions speak louder than words. In the end, she says if she can't trust a girlfriend with a man who's about to be married, she can't trust her at all. Paris removes Kaitlin from the chopping block while giving Arika her walking papers. That's the price you pay for putting misters before sisters!

    Just when the group thinks elimination is over, Paris surprises everyone by calling out Monica for her inappropriate lap dance. All day, Monica's been flying under the radar, but Paris wants her to know her bad behavior did not go unnoticed. Although it's been twenty-four hours since the Incident, Paris sez she still can't shake the image of Monica's lusty lap dance. "I said to show the guys a really good time," she chastises Monica, "but you were only interested in showing them something else: your privates."

    Unable to let the sleaziness slide another week, Paris decides to kick Mon to the curb, too! Hey, at least this time Arika will have a little company on her walk of shame ...