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  1. Paris Hilton continues to grow globally within fashion design, acting, singing and producing. Prior to searching for her new BFF, Paris wrapped production on "REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA" for Lionsgate Entertainment and Twisted Pictures in Summer 2007....   Read More

  2. Amanda is her own biggest fan. The former Philadelphia Eagles dancer has a giant portrait of herself hanging on her
    bedroom wall. She's also a huge fan of Paris who even named one of her dogs after Tinkerbell, Paris's BDF (Best Dog
    Forever)....   Read More

  3. Arielle is an aspiring singer very proud of her bi-racial background. She's a New Jersey girl who knows her way
    around a party can't wait to show off her skills in more glamorous environments. Arielle's partying has found her
    many acquaintances...   Read More

  4. Arika is a gorgeous young Southern California girl who unapologetically dates only wealthy men because she feels
    any boyfriend of hers should drive a nice car and wear expensive clothes. She feels that most women are jealous of
    her and the...   Read More

  5. A tough and sexy computer nerd from Dallas, Desirae is ready to chuck the Lone Star State to join Paris's life of
    glamour and luxury. She doesn't tend to trust those around her and has a bitter, fight-filled past with fellow
    Texan BFF wannabe...   Read More

  6. Elena is a funny, down-to-earth makeup artist from New Jersey who likes to entertain her friends with her sense of
    humor. She has a boyfriend back home, to whom she intends on staying loyal no matter what challenges Paris throws
    at her. That being...   Read More

  7. Kaitlin is a small town girl from Upstate New York who is desperate to live the upscale life in the big city. Her
    greatest passion in life is cooking and she can't wait to make Paris a solid home-cooked meal. With her baby face
    and 5'1" frame,...   Read More

  8. Katie is a go-go dancer from Dallas who wants to be Paris's BFF more than anything. She's an avid video gamer and has a collection of over 60 hair bows; she feels that her fashion sense and love of tutus makes her a trendsetter within her hometown...   Read More

  9. Kristen is convinced that she already has it all... except for Paris Hilton's friendship, that is. As the heir to her father's manufacturing company, Kristen already lives a busy jet-setting life. Since she comes from a family of privilege, Kristen...   Read More

  10. Monica is a rowdy and raucous girl, looking to show Paris exactly how hard Brooklyn girls can party. She admits
    that her circle of friends might not be the classiest, but she's prepared to drop those that don't fit into her new
    lifestyle should...   Read More

  11. Nicole is an aspiring actress currently trying to make it big in Hollywood. A wide-eyed vixen with a larger than
    life personality is a girly girl that loves fashion and writes in her Paris Hilton-themed diary on a daily basis.
    She may think she...   Read More

  12. Rachel is an aggressive and tough girl from San Jose, California, who isn't afraid to get confrontational. If
    anyone gets out of line, she says she's ready to "1, 2 step" on anyone's face, which should serve as a warning to
    her fellow...   Read More

  13. Stefanie is a statuesque model that also plays in a lingerie football league back home in Florida. She didn't grow
    up with many luxuries and has had to overcome a lot of strife within her family, but it's made her the girl that
    she is today....   Read More

  14. As the sole male contender for Paris' affection, Stephen is going to face an uphill battle in this often frilly
    competition. But as someone who hits the tanning salon daily and loves to show off his chest with open-cut shirts
    and jackets, he...   Read More

  15. Tiniecia is a smart and focused country girl from Louisiana. Within her circle of friends, she's definitely the
    leader, but she can be bossy and demanding to a fault. In the past, Tiniecia has relied on her feminine charms to
    get attention and...   Read More