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  1. In the apartment, Rachel, Hilary and Riyo are enjoying a lazy afternoon and comment on how happy they are it's just the three of them. Little do they know that Katie and Josh have returned to New York and are about to stop by for a surprise. Katie......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Katie and Josh come back to town, but when Josh and Tara get in a huge fight during dinner, both Tara and Katie decide to be done with New York for good.


  2. Hilary and Riyo show you how to create the perfect pucker in no time at all.


About Episode

  1. In the apartment, Rachel, Hilary and Riyo are enjoying a lazy afternoon and comment on how happy they are it's just the three of them. Little do they know that Katie and Josh have returned to New York and are about to stop by for a surprise. Katie warns Josh that if they move, they'll be seeing her former roommates all the time. Josh is not excited by this prospect.

    When they arrive at her old home, Katie is greeted by squeals and hugs. She drops another bombshell on the girls, informing them that she and Josh are moving in together and are thinking about doing so in New York. When Katie and Josh exit, the girls comment on how it was nice to see Katie but they're glad she didn't say they were getting married.

    Later on, Rachel meets with Billie with the Miss Universe organization, who brings up Rachel's "act of God", also known as her infamous spill at the Miss Universe Pageant. Apparently when this happened, Billie sent out a lot of inquiries to designers to see if anyone would want to use Rachel in the future. Now that New York Fashion Week is upon them, several of them have expressed interest. Overcome with emotion, Rachel is assured by Billie that people are interested in her because of how well she handled herself under pressure.

    Tara goes to meet her other roommates, and of course Josh and Katie. for dinner at Rosa Mexicano with hopes that they can avoid past dramas and just have a good time. Almost immediately, Katie breaks the news about her and Josh moving in together and Tara's less than supportive. Josh tries to change the subject by ordering a margarita, but Tara continues to grill him on what he'd do for a living if they moved. Josh turns the tables by commenting that Rachel would be much better off if Tara wasn't around. This is the 10% of Josh that Tara says she hates, but Rachel jokes that it's probably more than 10% that Tara dislikes.

    Before the dust can settle, Josh makes a joke about not being able to ask them to hurry on his drink because Tara's an alcoholic. This strikes a chord with the Former Miss USA, who criticizes him for being ignorant. While Katie's up from the table, Tara and the other girls accuse Josh of always taking jabs at Tara, especially her drinking problems. Josh defends himself, saying he said those things to Katie and offers a half-hearted apology that Tara heard them. Tara says she's sorry he's an a**hole.

    Fed up, Josh walks out, leaving the other girls to ponder how things got to this point. Katie attempts to remain neutral, but Tara vents about how she doesn't deserve the way Josh treats her. especially considering how much she holds her tongue around him. Near tears, Katie admits that Josh may have been wrong but calls Rachel out for the 10% comment and never being nice to him.

    After Katie leaves to find Josh, Tara bursts into tears because of how hard she's tried to make things comfortable for Katie. Rachel suggests she doesn't need to be around Josh if he's just going to remind her of her past. Hilary and Riyo are quick to praise her for speaking up for herself.

    Likewise, Katie cries because she wishes Tara and Josh wouldn't fight so much. While Josh will admit Tara might be a good person now, he still dislikes her because of the person she used to be. They both agree upon one thing: they won't be living in New York.

    The next morning finds all parties still stewing over the brawl at Rosa Mexicano. Josh is irked by how much he was judged on the "alcoholic" joke. Katie feels bad for Riyo and Hilary because they were innocent bystanders, but won't pity Rachel because she got herself involved by sticking her nose where it didn't belong. Josh is all too happy to agree. At the apartment, Riyo, Hilary and Rachel agree not to head back to Rosa Mexicano anytime soon but are down for some "drama-free sushi".

    Tara has been thinking about Josh's outburst and has decided, while he may be a jerk, he was right about things being better for Rachel if Tara weren't around. Although she wants to help the girls during their reign, she's been ready to move on for some time.

    Rachel works with her modeling coach to prepare for Fashion Week. She works extensively on her walk, but is still distracted by memories of her fall. On the way to the show, Rachel breaks down to Billie about her fears of a repeat fall and her worries that these fears will dominate her thoughts at the fashion show.

    Fortunately, the environment backstage before the show is hectic enough that Rachel doesn't have time to worry about falling. As Rachel takes center stage, Tara frets that she might psyche herself out and take another fall. To everyone's relief, Rachel struts her stuff with the best of them.

    Rachel, Riyo and Hilary go to visit Tara at work, which is where she let's them know of her decision to say "sayonara" to the Miss Universe organization. Though she's sad to see Tara go, Rachel feels that Tara's exit will officially close the book on 2006 and let the "Class of 2007 shine".

    As Katie and Josh leave New York, Josh is almost sad to say goodbye because of everything that's happened there, albeit mostly bad things. Katie decides New York will be a better place for them to visit, not live.

    Tara says her goodbyes to Donald Trump, her offers her many words of support and encouragement. With a quick hug and a promise to keep in touch, Tara is gone, while Rachel, Riyo and Hilary gather to admire the giant new ad of just the three of them. Bring on the Class of 2007!