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  1. Last week on Pageant Place Katie Blair was left at a photo shoot in tears after her boyfriend, Josh, walked out on the risqué set. When we pick back up Katie is leaving a message on Josh's phone wanting to talk about things, but it will have......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. As the hectic lives of the beauty queens march on Katie's immaturity and lack of responsibility starts to affect her job and her relationship with the other girls.


  2. Rachel Smith shows you how to make two simple facial masks with cheap and organic products from the supermarket.


About Episode

  1. Last week on Pageant Place Katie Blair was left at a photo shoot in tears after her boyfriend, Josh, walked out on the risqué set. When we pick back up Katie is leaving a message on Josh's phone wanting to talk about things, but it will have to wait as there's always business to attend to.

    We head over to the Miss Universe Offices where Tara is chatting it up with Esther, a Miss Universe rep. Katie, Rachel and Riyo show up and it's time to get down to business. Esther tells Rachel that she and Katie are going to head down to beautiful Turks and Caicos to help out with a pageant. Rachel is actually going to be a judge but Katie will be going down just to represent the organization. Katie is starting to feel like she's playing second fiddle to Rachel, but she keeps it to herself. Riyo won't be traveling with them though; instead she's going to Indonesia to appear at the Miss Indonesia pageant.

    Later, the three girls are at home hanging out and talking about their trips when Katie repeatedly burps as loud as she can. After the second belch Rachel gives her a, "Oh, come on!" But Katie just shrugs it off. It becomes clear that both Rachel and Riyo are getting a little tired of Katie's immaturity. That night Riyo invites Roston and Katie out to dinner with her and her Japanese sponsors. Riyo's sponsors are all older men and very proper. Roston warns Katie to be on her best behavior and there will be absolutely no burping! At dinner Katie does her best to be polite and respectful but it's very awkward, and, of course, she accidentally lets out a huge burp after some soup, shocking all the sponsors.

    The next day Rachel and Katie are working with a stylist, finding outfits for their trip. Too bad for Katie though, as the day becomes mostly about Rachel, leaving Katie feeling even more left out and unimportant. Afterwards Katie and Rachel go shopping and then head home to make dinner. All the while Rachel keeps giving Katie short, but brutal criticisms and it's obvious Katie is getting really sick of it.

    Even though Katie and Rachel seem to be having their problems Tara and Riyo are doing just fine. Tara comes over to help Riyo pack for Indonesia and they have a nice heart to heart where Tara tells Riyo she knows how hard it is to live in a strange place with no family but she will always be able to count on her for help.

    Rachel, Katie and Esther arrive in Turks and Caicos. They go and check out the view from their beach-side room but the first thing they notice is a topless woman on the beach. "So European," says Rachel. In the evening, when the girls are on their way to the pageant, Katie is completely preoccupied with her phone, messaging Josh nonstop. After they get to the pageant and Katie will still not put the phone away, Esther sits her down to tell her, "Officially, the phone is gone!" The rest of the night goes smoothly, but Katie continues to sneak a text in here and there.

    In the morning Katie is talking on the phone with Josh. Talking quickly turns into a fight and it's clear Josh is very upset that Katie stopped responding to his messages the night before. Katie thinks it's crazy for him to demand that he always be able to reach her. The phone call does not end well.

    Back in New York a delivery guy shows up with a ton of roses. Rachel, for some reason, thinks they are for her until Katie finds the card and realizes they are from Josh. Katie seems to instantly forget why she was mad at Josh in the first place. She calls him right away but has to leave a message. It would appear that flowers are enough to patch things up between them.

    On the other hand it's a different story between Katie and Rachel. Katie finally reaches her breaking point and confronts Rachel, telling her that all the little, snappy comments are very rude and they hurt her feelings. Rachel doesn't apologize but says she wasn't intending to hurt Katie's feelings and Katie just needs to tell her when she feels this way. This isn't really the answer Katie was looking for and they continue their argument for a while before they both head off to their rooms to get away from all the drama.