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  1. Every year, the reigning Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe share an apartment in New York City. With three beauty queens under one roof, drama is bound to arise. But this year Pageant Place is taking the drama to a whole new level. Already......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Riyo moves in with Katie and Rachel but there's a surprise as former Miss USA Tara will be joining them for another year.


  2. On the first Royal Treatment, Tara shows you how to create a good look in a hurry for a night out.


About Episode

  1. Every year, the reigning Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe share an apartment in New York City. With three beauty queens under one roof, drama is bound to arise. But this year Pageant Place is taking the drama to a whole new level. Already living in the apartment are Miss Teen USA 2006 Katie Blair and Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith, and their new roommate, Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori, is on her way. It's time to show you what happens behind closed doors when the crowns come off.

    Katie used to live at Pageant Place with her ex-BFF and former Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner, but when Katie suspected Tara was after her boyfriend she tattled on Tara for partying too much to the Miss Universe Organization, causing a tabloid scandal that landed Tara in rehab. Now the Miss USA crown belongs to Rachel, who feels as though she has a big mess to clean up when it comes to public image. And let's not forget that Rachel already got off on the wrong foot, literally, when she took a tumble at the Miss Universe pageant and got booed.

    Speaking of Miss Universe, Riyo arrives in NYC from Japan and heads straight to Pageant Place, mentioning along the way that the Big Apple may be a little too big for her. Meanwhile, awaiting Riyo's arrival, Katie talks to Rachel about what it will be like to live with the girl who beat her out for the Miss Universe crown. Rachel claims she's moved past her embarrassing mishap.

    When Riyo enters Pageant Place, she's given a warm welcome by Katie and Rachel. As Miss Universe, Riyo outranks the other girls, so she gets the biggest bedroom -- it's pink and huge. But what Riyo really loves is the fact that she gets her own TV.

    After Riyo gets settled in, the Pageant Place girls head over to the Miss Universe Organization headquarters to meet with the organization's president, Paula Shugart. Paula tells the girls that this is going to be an important year for the organization, since they're still working hard to clean up their image after the Tara Conner scandal. Paula says that the burden of fixing their image will fall onto Rachel, Katie and Riyo, so the organization will be watching every move they make. With that, Paula says the first thing they will be doing is flying to Indiana for an event.

    As the conversation winds down the girls get up to leave, but Paula asks Rachel to hang back so they can speak privately. Paula tells Rachel that Miss Universe Organization owner Donald Trump is bringing Tara back into the fold -- she'll be going out on the road with the reigning beauty queens and making appearances with them. Rachel is upset by the news because she thinks the year should be all about her, not Tara. But she's even more upset when Paula asks her to keep the news a secret from Riyo and Katie. After the private meeting, Rachel meets up with the other girls for lunch. When Katie asks Rachel what Paula said, Rachel sidesteps the question. Katie and Riyo know something's up.

    The next morning, the Pageant Place girls arrive at the airport ready to fly to Indiana, but there's a potentially disastrous setback when Riyo realizes she doesn't have a photo ID. Riyo and the girls plead with security, pulling out Miss Universe paraphernalia, press clippings and business cards. Eventually, after Riyo pulls out her Miss Universe sash, security lets them on the plane and the girls are on their way.

    In Indiana, the beauty queens have a successful event, but Rachel can't stop thinking about the compromising position Paula put her in by telling her that Tara is heading back to New York. She decides she must tell Katie and Riyo the news. Once she spills the beans, it's clear that, like Rachel, Katie is less than thrilled that her ex-BFF is coming back into her life.

    Back in New York, the Pageant Place girls meet with Donald Trump, who officially announces that Tara is rejoining the organization. Donald thinks that with Tara and all her experience at their disposal, the girls are going to have a great year.

    Soon after, Tara is back in NYC and on her way to the Miss Universe Organization headquarters, where she's welcomed with open arms and openly discusses her wild past, newfound sobriety and her prospects for the future. Tara says she's super-excited to be working with the organization again, but she's also very nervous about seeing Katie, who she hasn't spoken with in almost eight months.

    Meanwhile, Katie is out with her boyfriend, Josh, celebrating his birthday. Josh is the same boyfriend Katie accused Tara of trying to steal, so he's not too happy when he learns that Tara is coming back. They both agree that only time will tell if this is going to be a good situation or not.

    As Tara heads over to Pageant Place, a teary-eyed Rachel reveals that she's upset that Tara is going to be stealing her spotlight. When Tara arrives at the apartment, the door is locked and no one answers when she knocks. Inside is an unhappy Rachel, who doesn't look like she's planning on opening the door anytime soon.