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  1. The Prince of Darkness is now America's favorite father. When he's not busy touring with Ozzfest, Ozzy tries to relax at his L.A. home and figure out his remote control. He also offers parental advice to his children, Jack and Kelly, such as, "Don't...   Read More

  2. To some she is an inspiration for her courageous battle against colon cancer, to some she is the most respected woman in music, to some she is simply "Mum,"but to the world she will be forever known as SHARRRROOONNNN.
    Sharon's personality resonates...   Read More

  3. Kelly Osbourne has done a lot of growing up - and all of it in the public eye.

    Three years ago, Kelly Osbourne burst onto the scene as the wild child and outspoken
    daughter of rock legends Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne on the Emmy...   Read More

  4. Yeah, he grew up the son of rock's first family, and has lived his life on MTV, but still... you don't know Jack.

    Just three seasons ago Jack leaped into America's living rooms in the role he was born to play: himself. He's the...   Read More