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  1. Jeff Dye is an extremely talented comedian/actor/host who has hosted 2 series for MTV--'Numbnuts' and their newest series, 'Money From Strangers.' Jeff did so well at the TBS Comedy Festival in Chicago and Comedy Central's 'Live at Gotham' that he...   Read More

  2. As a five year old he was flying off furniture in his New Jersey home and his mother actually gave him the nickname Crazy Mike. Wrestling and dirt bikes were young Crazy Mike's past time, and as he got older he got even crazier. Graduating to...   Read More

  3. Known as "The King of the Nutshots," The Horse hails from Harrisburg PA, where he started videotaping his lunacy by age 11. Like many other kids, Horse started with gymnastics and skateboarding, but quickly grew the "urge to do something most...   Read More

  4. Victor was dropped on his head when he was a baby and has been doing stunts ever since. A life's worth of gymnastics soon turned Victor toward a new craze called free-running and he immediately made his presence felt. Victor is now the top ranked...   Read More