About The Show

Celebrating the great American past-time of haphazard bodily harm in the name of laughter -- numbNuts is a hilarious, adrenaline-fueled stunt competition game show that pits internet-contestant's stunt mishaps against our three web-celebrity Stunt Masters to see who can better perform steroid-injected versions of the stunts. Two adrenaline-junkie web contestants are selected from the internet. From there, they are each given one round to try and out-stunt one of the Masters. At the beginning of each round, contestants show their homemade stunt video. Then, our team of Stunt Masters reveal the show's enhanced version of the same stunt. After that, it's up to the rookie contestants to each pick which Master they want to compete against. Whether Master or contestant, whoever best pulls off the stunt snags a cash prize as well as advancement to the Finale. The winners from the previous two stunts wind up in the finale -- a bone-shattering, original stunt created specifically for television. The winner of this final, death-defying stunt will walk away with a pile of cash as well as the all-important bragging rights. numbNuts is a high octane show from start to finish. With stunts sending bodies crashing, sliding, colliding, and flying through the air -- it's a win big or lose hard competition that hilariously walks the line between stupidity and bravery.