premieres friday, august 29th
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about No Cameras Allowed

NO CAMERAS ALLOWED is a documentary that follows James Marcus Haney’s journey of breaking into music festivals and inserting himself into the world of some of the biggest names in the industry - Mumford & Sons, Jay-Z, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. But Marcus isn’t your average “festie” kid. He’s a guy with a love of photography and filmmaking and a deep passion that drives him to do nearly anything to see his favorite bands perform. Often using his camera as a prop to sneak into festivals, Marcus ultimately comes away with raw and intimate footage that impresses even his world famous subjects. Marcus puts his future – and his love – on the line for a chance to tour with Mumford & Sons, leaving the only place he’s ever called home and embarking on a cross country road trip. As Ted Dwane, Bassist for Mumford & Sons, puts it “the access and perspective he is so hungry for is what makes his images so unique and compelling and the force that propels this behavior is deep within him and pure.” It is indeed this drive that makes his quest so innocently unadulterated, separating him from the others, and allowing him in when he really should have been kicked out. No Cameras Allowed is an intimate, honest, behind the scenes look at world-renowned artists from the perspective of someone who was never really invited, but was always asked to stay.