1. Travis has ruled the action sport world since his first X Games gold medal in 1998, and now is the ringleader for the Nitro Circus Live crew. He does it all from flipping his dirt bike into the Grand Canyon, crushing cars in his monster truck and...   Read More

  2. Jolene is one of the few girls that can handle her own in this testosterone fueled crew. She is a world-class motocross racer and is fearless. She is the first female rider in the world to successfully backflip a full sized motorcycle. She pushes...   Read More

  3. A third generation commercial contractor is the only member of the Nitro Circus that has no discernible skills. But, to his credit, he provides a ton of comedic relief for the crew. He may not be a world-class athlete, but he never hesitates...   Read More

  4. When it comes to testing new contraptions down the gigantic Ramp, Crum is the first to give it a go. From soaring a lazy boy recliner over the 40-foot gap to being launched off the gigantic in a wheelbarrow, Crum is as fearless and he is funny. He...   Read More

  5. Erik is a world-class extreme skier who has combined his passion for base-jumping with extreme vehicles to produce some mind-blowing stunts. He takes his skills to the arenas every night for some amazing aerial acrobatics!!!! Being a Nitro Circus...   Read More

  6. Dusty is a multi-talented athlete who can ride anything with wheels! He met the Nitro crew as a spunky, wide-eyed athlete ready for fun and shenanigans. From straddling a horse down the gigantic ramp to surfing a boogie board over the 40-foot gap,...   Read More

  7. Jed is a New Zealander who captured the world's attention when he landed the first triple backflip on a BMX bike. His guts and glory earned him almost 10 million views on YouTube and a spot in the Nitro Circus. His fearless attitude pushes the other...   Read More

  8. "Special Greg" is Travis' cousin, proving that big tricks run in the family.
    He is the first to throw the "Special Flip," a BMX trick that has shaken up the BMX world. Special brings mad air skills to Nitro Circus and pushes himself to the front...   Read More

  9. Jeremy is the producer, and one of the creators, behind Nitro Circus. He can be spotted announcing at the top of the Giganta ramp during the live shows. He comes to the table with a legal degree, but don't let that fool you. Jeremy proves that the...   Read More

  10. Bilko is Aussie to the core! He is a FMX, X Games medalist who talks as fast as he rides. Off the bike he is the first to verbally dig into the cast and crew but when he gets on the bike the fun and games stop and the high-flying precision riding...   Read More

  11. As Travis says, "Wheelz is the biggest crowd pleaser on tour!" He never lets his wheelchair slow him down and continues to push his wheels to the limit. The entire audience is on their feet when Wheelz is about to drop in. The first ever to pull a...   Read More

  12. Travis's better half, and new mother, is the only other girl aside from Jolene on the tour. She is a pro skater and x games medalist and has excelled in the sport by hucking herself off the Giganta ramp. It's all family business until she climbs to...   Read More

  13. Ethan has endless skills and is an innovator in the action sports world. With an uncle like Gregg Godfrey, its no wonder he's more comfortable upside down. He's never scared to push his body and mind to the limit, which has helped him become one of...   Read More

  14. Sheeny is the current Red Bull X Fighters World Champion and is arguably the best FMX rider on the planet. The minute he puts on his helmet, he transforms into one of the most confident riders who performs tricks such as the Double Backflip on an...   Read More

  15. R Willy is hands down the best scooter rider in the world. His nontraditional approach of pushing a kids toy to new limits has rewarded him with a spot in Nitro Circus. He pulls some of the most mind- blowing stunts night after night a rising star...   Read More

  16. Haffey has taken roller blading to new heights. Not only is he one of the most polite cast members on tour but he also throws down hard when the lights come up. Whether he is launching himself across the gap to land in the zorb ball or being the...   Read More

  17. Kagy is a professional BMX rider with an array of gold medals and pro tittles to boot. He is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to anything with vert. He brings years of experience to the table every time he drops in and pushes the young...   Read More

  18. Gregg is one of the creators of Nitro Circus and holds the torch of the Nitro spirit. He's been appointed the nickname 'Muscle Hamster' and is the Godfather and legendary inspiration behind the 'Godfrey Clan.' With a pack of his family by his side,...   Read More