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  1. Travis has ruled the action sport world since his first X Games gold medal in 1998, to the world's only double-back flip on a motorcycle in 2006. He does it all from flipping his dirt bike into the Grand Canyon, crushing cars in his monster truck,...   Read More

  2. Nitro adds a new member to its chaotic crew in the form of Travis' cousin, Special Greg. Not only does he bring mad air skills to the Circus, he's also the first one to volunteer for -- and succeed at -- every seemingly impossible stunt that's...   Read More

  3. Jolene is one of the few girls that can handle her own in this testosterone driven crew. She is a world-class motocross racer and is fearless. She is the only girl in the world to successfully back flip a motorcycle over a gap. She adds an...   Read More

  4. Andy is a washed up FMX rider that is known more for his party tricks and beer drinking than his prowess on a bike. His nickname is "Haselhoff" because, despite his lack of talent, he is popular in Europe. Andy is a master at spurring on Travis and...   Read More

  5. Erik is a world-class extreme skier who has combined his passion for B.A.S.E. jumping to produce some incredible stunts. Travis likes to have him around because he always wears a helmet camera and knows how to pack a chute (Travis doesn't). First...   Read More

  6. Jim has been one of Travis's closest friends since childhood. He is a professional mountain bike downhill racer and freestyle rider. Jim and Travis have a very collaborative relationship where they dream up all sorts of stunts. They started their...   Read More

  7. A third generation commercial contractor, Street Bike Tommy is the only member of the Nitro Circus that has no discernible skills. But, to his credit, he provides a ton of comic relief for the crew. He may not be a world class athlete, but he never...   Read More

  8. Jeremy Rawle is Executive Producer and Lawyer for the Nitro Circus. However, don't let the fancy titles fool you. Jeremy (aka "Tenacious") is a Redneck Hippie that loves to jump in on the action with the rest of the Nitro crew. It just goes to show...   Read More

  9. Gregg Godfrey isn't your typical Executive Producer. He's the son of a trucker, born and raised on a healthy ration of redneck motor-sports. Godfrey is easily distracted. As a result, he can often be found doing stunts more than running production....   Read More

  10. Hubert Rowland is a hillbilly straight out of the backwoods of Tennessee. Hubert's role in the Nitro circus is to fix dirt bikes and cars, drive tractors, build jumps and do all those things that the rest of the crew is incapable of. On top of that,...   Read More

  11. Parks Bonifay set his first world record at the age of 6 months when he became the youngest person to ever don a pair of water skis. Considered by many to be the world's greatest wakeboarding freerider, Parks won the X Games when he was 14 years old...   Read More

  12. Ronnie Renner likes his airtime. A veteran of the motocross circuit, he's also a superstar of the freestyle world with the press coverage to prove it. But it's the view from above that really gets Ronnie flying high; he continues to reset the bar...   Read More

  13. Scott Palmer (aka "Plamer") is a leading Skydiving instructor known for launching himself off of buildings, cliffs, planes or anything else high enough for canopy flight. If there's an opportunity to push the limits of human flight, Plamer will find...   Read More