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The dynamic duo finishes their second season with a Halloween Special, 'Tricky & Scare-A DEAD!" Watch now!

Haunted House

Nikki & Sara meet their worst nightmares when they take turn down the wrong hallway at work. Watch now!

Guest Interview!

This week's interview features legendary daredevil, Johnny Knoxville!


Nikki & Sara finish their sophomore season with the ultimate celebrity touching game.

Visit The Soundtrack Blog

Get more info on the Swedish duo Icona Pop and their song, "We Got The World," which serves as the theme song to the show.

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  1. Want to be a part of the studio audience? Email us to get tickets to a live taping! NikkiSaraLiveCasting@mtv.com

  2. Nikki and Sara have a podcast! Find out more here!

  3. Nikki & Sara go rogue and set up red carpets on the streets of New York City.

About Nikki & Sara LIVE

  1. Comedians Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer bring a much needed late night sensibility to the world of pop culture featuring live commentary and celebrity guests. Nikki & Sara LIVE is a weekly late night comedy program, featuring the latest news in pop culture, co-hosted by acclaimed stand-up comedians Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer.

    The show-set in the MTV studios overlooking Times Square-combines fast-paced humor, celebrity interviews, pre-taped sketches, man-on-the-street packages and more. The clever and incisive commentary Nikki and Sara honed on their popular podcast "You Had To Be There," is infused throughout the show's four acts. Act one consists of sharp, rapid-rapid fire jokes on the latest topics and gossip. Act two features produced tape pieces, sketches and recurring segments. In act three, Nikki and Sara interview celebrity guests. And in act four.anything goes.

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