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  1. During a friendly game of tennis, Sasha discovers that Chrissy hasn't so much as even...  Read Full Summary »


  2. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Chrissy is worried about heading home and...  Read Full Summary »


  3. On the coast of California, just north of Laguna Beach, lies the oceanfront paradise of...  Read Full Summary »


  4. Clay and Grant pack up for their covert trip to Santa Barbara to "settle some business"....  Read Full Summary »

  5. A lot has changed in Newport Harbor since summer came to a close. Clay and Grant are...  Read Full Summary »

  6. The final days of summer have finally arrived and it is time for many of the Seniors...  Read Full Summary »

  7. With Chase apologizing to Taylor for the way he acted at the prom after-party and Clay...  Read Full Summary »

  8. Between Chase, Taylor, and Allie, there couldn't have been more drama at the Newport...  Read Full Summary »

  9. In Newport Harbor, one of the most important social events of the year is the...  Read Full Summary »

  10. Gossip in Newport Harbor spreads fast, that's why when Chrissy hooked up with Chase, her...  Read Full Summary »

  11. With the 'Pretty In Pink' party a not so distant memory, it seems like the drama in...  Read Full Summary »

  12. Ever since Chrissy's overprotective father cut short her time with Clay in Palm Springs,...  Read Full Summary »