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  1. The final days of summer have finally arrived and it is time for many of the Seniors from the most recent class of Newport Harbor high to say their final goodbyes to their families and friends. Clay and Grant are surfing at the beach when Grant......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. As the summer closes, its time for the seniors of Newport High to say their inevitable goodbyes to their families and friends as they head off onto the next steps of their lives.


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  1. The final days of summer have finally arrived and it is time for many of the Seniors from the most recent class of Newport Harbor high to say their final goodbyes to their families and friends. Clay and Grant are surfing at the beach when Grant asks when Chrissy will be leaving for college. Clay tells him that she is almost done packing and that he plans to visit her on the weekends after she moves away. Grant cracks a smile and asks in cynical voice if Clay really plans to visit her when she moves. Clay tells him he's not sure if they will actually be able to stay together, but they are going to try.

    Over at the Newport Beach Tennis Club Chrissy is playing her final game of Tennis against Sasha. When Sasha scores the winning point she high-fives Chrissy and challenges her to a rematch during Thanksgiving break. Sasha asks Chrissy if she thinks she is going to stay together with Clay while she's in college. She tells Sasha that they plans to make things work, but admits she is uncertain if they actually will.

    Allie and Samantha are taking a break from getting ready for the big trip to Europe by treating themselves to a French toast snack. While frying her first peace of toast, Allie tells Samantha that she is looking forward to getting away from all of the Newport boys, especially Chase. Samantha points out that Allie's time with Chase was good for a high school level relationship, but tells Allie she should leave in Newport with the drama.

    Chase is with Taylor and is getting ready to show her his first apartment. Taylor asks him why he isn't going to Santa Monica for college and he tells her he got a better opportunity to work at a real estate agency in Newport. he then follows up with his news by telling Taylor that living in Newport will give him the opportunity to stick around and be closer to her. Taylor hugs him and asks if this means he will be able to take her to her prom. Clay laughs and tells her he won't be hanging out at high school parties or dances now that he's graduated. Clay is all smiles until Taylor rebuts by telling him that she'll just go to prom with a different boy if he won't take her.

    The next day Sasha comes by Chrissy's house on her last stop before heading off to college. Shortly after she arrives in Chrissy's room Sasha begins to cry and tells Chrissy that she doesn't want to leave, Chrissy comforts Sasha by giving her a big hug. Chrissy walks out and the girls have one final hug before taking turns saying they will miss each other. Sasha makes it almost all the way down the driveway to her car before turning back to Chrissy to give her one final hug. Finally Chrissy waves good bye as she watches her best friend pull off to college.

    That evening Chrissy is spending her final time with Clay before he leaves. She tells him that he'd better visit her a lot while she's at college and he tells her not to worry. As the sun is setting Clay tells Chrissy that during prom he carved their initials with a heart around it into one of the docks at the pier, and that he is taking her to look at it. Chrissy is very impressed with Clay's gesture, and tells him he is making it harder for her to leave. Chrissy tells him that she has a lot to do before she leaves and they share one final kiss before they part ways.

    Chase stops over at Allie's house to say his final goodbyes before she heads off on her trip to Europe. Allie remembers that she never actually gave Chase their pictures from prom and they both take a second to reflect on their time, admitting it was fun, except for the drama with Taylor. Allie hints that they should hang out while she finishes packing on her final night, but Chase tells her he is just stopping buy to say goodbye. They give each other a bug hug and Allie sadly watches Chase as he begins to skate away from her.

    The next day Allie's parents get ready to send their daughter off to Europe. Allie's mother begins to cry as she begins to realize that she is not ready for Allie to be leaving home. After going over a list of all the rules she must live by while in Europe, Allie's parents help her bring her things to the car before giving her a final hug. When Allie and Samantha get to the airport they spend a minute of their time making the first installment of a video diary of their trip.

    Chrissy is saying goodbye to her dog when her parents enter her bedroom to help her move her bags to her car. Her parents start to go down a huge list of dos and don'ts for college life before Chrissy makes them stop. She hugs her mother and father before getting in the car and driving away. Shortly after getting on the road she sees that her father is already trying to call her, for a minute she contemplates picking up her phone but then decides to put it away. For the first time in her life, Chrissy is no longer daddy's little girl.