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  1. Between Chase, Taylor, and Allie, there couldn't have been more drama at the Newport Harbor prom if they had tried. Fortunately things went smoother between Clay and Chrissy as they seemed to grow more comfortable with being openly affectionate to......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Clay and Chrissy start to think about taking their relationship to the next level while Chase tries several times to fix things with Taylor.


About Episode

  1. Between Chase, Taylor, and Allie, there couldn't have been more drama at the Newport Harbor prom if they had tried. Fortunately things went smoother between Clay and Chrissy as they seemed to grow more comfortable with being openly affectionate to each other in public. Now, with a prom a thing of the past, Chase must try to clear up any drama with Allie, while also making good with Taylor.

    Chase meets up with Allie to explain to her that he wasn't trying to talk to Taylor during prom, and that Taylor was just trying to make him feel guilty in order to gain some attention. He tells Allie that he doesn't know why Taylor showed up at the prom after party, but he does know that she is freaking out, and that he thinks it's going to take a lot of convincing to get Taylor to talk to him again. Allie snickers and tells Chase that he has Taylor on a short leash, and that it is just a matter of time before she decides to stop being mad.

    Over at Chrissy's house she is talking to Sasha about her prom night with Chase. She tells Sasha that while she did make out with Clay at prom, he never put any pressure on her to do anything with him that made her uncomfortable. Sasha asks Chrissy if she thinks Clay will ever 'go in for the kill,' and Chrissy begins to laugh. Chrissy tells Sasha that she is proud to be a virgin, and while she thinks Clay will eventually try to have sex with her, she will hold her ground.

    At the beach Clay and Grant are also talking about prom when Grant asks Clay is Chrissy is a virgin. Clay responds with a nervous laugh and Grant tells him he needs to step up his game, and bring things to the next level. Clay tells Grant that later that evening he's invited Chrissy over to his house for a Jacuzzi date.

    Allie is spending a lazy afternoon at her house with Samantha. They both agree that all the drama at prom was unnecessary and that they are overly eager to get out of Newport as soon as they graduate. Their plans are to spend the entire summer traveling throughout Europe, but Allie is worried that her family will be reluctant to send her by herself.

    Taylor meets up with Chase for the first time since the drama at the after-prom. Chase apologizes right off the bat and explains that prom was a loselose situation for everyone. Taylor explains that the only reason she was hard pressed to see him was so that they could hang out, and have fun together, and that she feels like he was making it seem like Allie is more important to him. Chase agrees that he should have handled the entire thing differently and that he acted very immaturely. Taylor is skeptical and tells him she will have to think about whether she still wants to talk to him.

    Later on, Taylor is hanging out with her friend Alex and fawning over a picture Chase when her phone begins to ring. When she tells Alex that it's Chase calling, Alex begs her not to answer, and Taylor refrains. The phone rings again 10 seconds later, and again it is Chase, but Taylor doesn't give in so easily and picks up and then hangs up again instantly.

    Clay, Grant, and the rest of the guys are all hanging out at Clay's when their friend Andrew asks Clay if he's going to take it to the next level with Chrissy. Grant tells Clay that he thinks he should compliment her and ignore his phone during the duration of the entire date, and that he should treat Chrissy classy.

    Sasha is helping Chrissy get ready for her Jacuzzi date with Clay by helping her pick out the perfect new bikini. Sasha asks Chrissy if she's told Clay she's a virgin, and Chrissy admits that it hasn't really come up between them yet. Chrissy says she thinks their's a chance that admitting she is a virgin may make things more awkward between her and Clay. Chrissy says she thinks that guys are looking for a girl with more experience, but Sasha strongly disagrees saying that guys are looking for girls who are pure.

    Later on, Taylor gets yet another call from Chase, who seems like he will not let up until he can get her on the phone. She finally gives in and picks up the phone, and he asks her if she'll meet up with him for dinner. She tells him she is still pretty mad about the post prom and he tells her she can't be mad forever. She reluctantly agrees with him and tells him she'll meet him later. When she gets to his house he has flowers and pizza waiting for her. He says that they are too close to be mad at each and apologizes to her again. She accepts his apology and tells him she's over it. The two pinky swear two leave the past in the past, and after they kiss their pinkies, they give each other a huge hug.

    Allie meets up with her parents to talk about her plans for the summer, her parents ask if she plans on getting a job and she tells them about her dreams of traveling in Europe. When her parents tell her that they will not pay for her to travel to Europem she reveals that she has already booked the tickets using their credit card. When her parents begin to give her problems, she argues that all of her friends are going, and she would be missing out. She goes one step further and threatens to never talk to either of them ever again if they do not allow her to go on her trip. Before her father can get a word in edgewise she has already left.

    That night at Clay's house, he and Chrissy are looking at photos from prom, reminiscing about all the good times they had. Before too long they move over to the hot tub and begin to talk about how excited they are for the summer. After some initial small talk there is an awkward silence. Chrissy admits to Clay that she's been meaning to tell him she is a virgin. Clay responds by telling her that he thinks it's cool that she hasn't given into the pressures of having sex. The two smile at each other before getting out of the hot tub and heading inside.