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  1. Ever since Chrissy's overprotective father cut short her time with Clay in Palm Springs, Clay has been acting a little distant. When Chrissy and her father sit down to discuss the trip, they both agree that it was a lot of fun and that at least......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Everyone is getting ready for Allie's 'Pretty in Pink' party, but can Allie avoid Chase's drama? Also, Clay and Chrissy continue to try and figure out where they stand with each other.


About Episode

  1. Ever since Chrissy's overprotective father cut short her time with Clay in Palm Springs, Clay has been acting a little distant. When Chrissy and her father sit down to discuss the trip, they both agree that it was a lot of fun and that at least half of Newport Harbor must have been there that weekend. But then the conversation turns a bit more confrontational when Chrissy tells her father he really embarrassed her in front of Clay. Chrissy's father apologizes for ruining their moment and freaking out Clay but also reiterates that he's just worried about her.

    At the beach, Clay and Grant are getting ready for a surf session when Clay spills the beans about Allie's late-night visit the previous evening. When Grant brings up Chrissy, Clay admits that he's a bit skeptical about her since her father is so protective. Grant thinks there's a good chance Chrissy's folks might chill out if Clay were to end up in a long-term relationship with her. Grant suggests that Clay talk to Chrissy the following evening during a party at Allie's house.

    Meanwhile, Allie and Samantha are busy organizing the invitations for Allie's "Pretty in Pink" party. When Samantha asks Allie about the time she spent with Clay the night before, Allie tells her they just hung out. When Chase comes up in the conversation, Allies admits that she is on the fence about the way she feels about him. Even though they've been friends forever, Allie says she is growing more and more tired of Chase's emotional mind games.

    Back at the beach, Taylor is watching Chase as he skimboards down the surf line. When Taylor asks him what his plans are for the weekend, he tells her that he is going to Allie's party. Unfortunately for Taylor, who's a sophomore, only seniors are invited. Taylor tells Chase that she thinks Allie is sketchy, but Chase assures Taylor that he will be on his best behavior at the party.

    While Allie and Samantha are getting their nails done for the big party, Allie gets a phone call from Chase. When he asks her to play miniature golf with him, she tells him he's being shady and asks whether Taylor will be there. Chase assures Allie that he just wants her to come play mini golf and has no intentions of turning their time on the links into a date.

    When Allie meets up with Chase she tells him that she thinks what they're doing is wrong and that they need to talk. Allie calls Chase out, saying he shouldn't be trying to get with her while he is still with Taylor. Chase tries to manipulate the conversation but Allie is having none of it. She tells him they shouldn't be hanging out alone if he's still with Taylor. End of story.

    The following night people head to Allie's Pretty in Pink party. The party is poppin' but drama quickly emerges when Chase makes his grand entrance and starts flirting with Chrissy and Sasha. As Allie's jealousy becomes apparent, Chase playfully asks Chrissy why she's not with Clay. The flirting is put to an end when Clay enters the party and gets a huge hug from Chrissy. They compliment each other on their outfits and head for the dance floor. But just as things are beginning to get hot and heavy, Chrissy's cell phone rings. As she answers the phone she retreats away from Clay so that she can speak with her father.

    While Chrissy is outside begging her father to let her stay out past curfew, Clay is inside frustrated with the reoccurring theme of Chrissy's dad coming between them. Clay's friend Austin advises him that the best way to get Chrissy's attention is by dancing with another girl. Clay follows his friend's advice and quickly finds a new dance partner while Chrissy sits outside and watches quietly.

    The next day, Allie and Samantha spend the morning discussing the party and gossiping about everyone's outfits. The conversation gets awkwardly quiet for a second, though, when Allie tells Samantha she saw her making out with Chase on the dance floor. Allie is quick to assure Samantha that she isn't mad. In fact, instead of being jealous she is just starting to hate Chase. At the beach, Chase and Taylor are also talking about the party. When Taylor asks Chase if he was good, he falsely reassures her before giving her a big kiss.

    Meanwhile, Chrissy and Sasha get lunch and talk about Allie's party. Chrissy tells Sasha that she doesn't understand why Clay starts and stops being interested in her. The girls agree that Clay is really hard to read, and Sasha tells Chrissy that she thinks Clay is probably just confused. Sasha suggests that maybe Chrissy should give Clay some space but Chrissy just shrugs off the suggestion.