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  1. ChrissyChrissy

    Matthias Clamer

    Pretty and popular, Chrissy is a senior who grew up in Newport Harbor and is lifelong friends with Sasha and Grant. An only child to doting parents, Chrissy has recently blossomed into a head-turning high school senior. As smart as she is...   Read More

  2. ClayClay

    Matthias Clamer

    Clay is a junior and although shy with girls, he is regarded as Newport Harbor's hottest guy. Born and raised in Newport Harbor, he takes full advantage of his oceanfront playground. Whether he's fishing from his speedboat off Balboa Island or...   Read More

  3. AllieAllie

    Matthias Clamer

    A stunning senior, Allie is the girl that all the boys want and all the girls want to be. Allie seems to have it all: a beautiful home on the tip of Balboa Peninsula, carte blanche with her dad's credit cards and a hip family-owned restaurant where...   Read More

  4. GrantGrant

    Matthias Clamer

    While only a junior, Grant rules the school. Whether it's throwing parties, his luck with the ladies or his money supply, Grant is the epicenter for entertainment. Grant is constantly living up to his nickname G-ball (for "Goofball") and keeps a...   Read More

  5. ChaseChase

    Matthias Clamer

    A strapping senior, Chase lives just a skateboard ride away from the surf shop where he works. He has a way with girls; no matter how many hearts he breaks. Although he's dating a sophomore named Taylor, he openly flirts with his ex-girlfriend...   Read More

  6. TaylorTaylor

    Matthias Clamer

    While Taylor looks like she just walked off the pages of Sports Illustrated, she is really just a sophomore in high school. When she's not with girls her own age, Taylor hangs out with Chrissy's clique. The boys have taken notice of Taylor...   Read More

  7. SashaSasha

    Matthias Clamer

    A loyal childhood friend and neighbor, Sasha is part of Chrissy's inner circle. Blonde and beautiful, Sasha and Chrissy share a passion for tennis and are partners on the high school team. Their heart-to-heart talks often occur courtside between...   Read More

  8. Let's face it. In Orange County you're nothing without your best friend. Here are the friends that make the cast of Newport Harbor complete. When Chrissy and Allie seek out relationship and life advice, you know that they will be here for them. ...   Read More