Songs from the show

    1. Uninhabitable Mansions  ‘Do You Have A Strategy'

      Liz reminisces on the Nerd Herd's arrival to NYC

    1. Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn  ‘Relator'

      Liz goes shoe shopping

    1. Mark Ronson feat. MNDR and Q-Tip  ‘Bang Bang Bang'

      The Nerd Herd visits Bryson at a photo shoot

    1. Pailboy  ‘Pepper'

      Miles takes some photos of the photo shoot

    1. Rachel Goodrich  ‘Na Na Na'

      Miles makes plans to go to an NYC night spot with some ladies

    1. Classy and Trashy  ‘ Tech on the Range'

      Miles almost tells Bryson that Liz is going to be at the art show

    1. Black Eyed Peas  ‘Electric City'

      Miles and Troy discuss the problems with the evening's plans

    1. Sarah Schachner  ‘Bibliotaph'

      Miles and Troy eat some nuts

    1. Yeasayer  ‘O.N.E.'

      Louis and Sully watch while Liz busts out some sweet moves

    1. Surfer Blood  ‘Catholic Pagans'

      Liz and Bryson finally meet outside the NYC night spot

    1. Xylos  ‘Seven Years Old'

      Liz confronts Bryson

    1. Beyonce  ‘Why Don't You Love Me'

      Mark performs the song in drag

    1. Angus and Julia Stone  ‘Silver Coin'

      Louis seems upsets when he says goodbye to Liz

    1. Band of Horses  ‘Evening Kitchen'

      Sully almost leaves Liz for another party

    1. Second Dan  ‘Let it Go'

      There's tension between Liz and Bryson; Sully has a new crush