Songs from the show

    1. Zox  ‘Goodnight'

      Liz is ready to take on New York again

    1. Donora  ‘Weekend Tongue'

      Liz and Mark try to kill a cockroach

    1. Via Audio  ‘My Boo BSM Mix'

      Liz is tagged out during kickball

    1. Family of the Year  ‘Stupidland'

      Liz goes to play left field

    1. Marcelo Vig  ‘The Ukelele Song'

      Liz makes her first big play when she catches the ball

    1. Daniel Fickle  ‘Look to Me Lively'

      Louis puts his arm around Liz

    1. Freak Owls  ‘Hey, Na Na Na'

      Louis asks Liz out on a date

    1. Ray Parker, Jr.  ‘Ghostbusters'

      The Nerd Herd stumble upon a Ghostbusters mural while making their way around NYC

    1. Helen Austin  ‘Wonderful Day'

      The Nerd Herd surprise Liz and are introduced to Louis

    1. Thao with the Get Down Stay Down  ‘Cool Yourself'

      Louis takes Liz and the Nerd Herd to an arcade

    1. Danny Hamilton  ‘Dreams Fade to White'

      Louis says goodbye to the Nerd Herd

    1. Free Energy  ‘Wild Winds'

      Louis says goodnight to Liz

    1. Apollo Sunshine  ‘Bed'

      Liz and Sully have a heart to heart