Songs from the show

    1. Brakes Brakes Brakes  ‘Two Shocks'

      Liz talks about how everything at home has changed

    1. Love Language  ‘Pedals'

      Liz leaves Taylor's party once she spots Bryson

    1. Not Real Nerds  ‘Sleepy Head'

      Liz watches some TV while enjoying an unusual array of snacks

    1. Martin Trum  ‘GE Kitchen'

      Liz's mom tries to talk to her about her apartment search

    1. Rachel Goodrich  ‘Maybe Next Time'

      Liz reveals her plan to save Sully

    1. Jake Troth  ‘9 to 5'

      Sully prepares for Liz and Bryson's meeting

    1. Surfer Blood  ‘Neighbour Riffs'

      Liz takes a seat at the table Sully has prepared

    1. Freelance Whales  ‘Broken Horse'

      Bryson begins to tell Liz how he feels

    1. The Drums  ‘The Future'

      Sully thinks that he has fixed everything between Liz and Bryson

    1. Au Revoir Simone  ‘The Lucky One'

      Liz goes for a ride with her new helmet and repaired bike

    1. Family of the Year  ‘Hero'

      Liz and Sully have a heart to heart on the tree house floor

    1. No Second Troy  ‘Wake Up'

      Liz makes dinner plans with Louis and the Nerd Herd visit NYC