Songs from the show

    1. The Thermals  ‘You Dissolve'

      Liz reminisces on her last days in New York

    1. The Eels  ‘Living Life'

      Liz goes back home and is greeted with some motherly love

    1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros  ‘Home'

      Liz remembers her High School days while driving past her old school

    1. Nicole Reynolds  ‘Here Right Now'

      Liz surprises Sully

    1. Patrick Park  ‘Blackbird Through the Dark'

      Liz finds out that her favorite malt shop has closed down

    1. Delta Spirit  ‘911'

      Liz wakes up for another day back home

    1. Cocoon  ‘Vultures'

      Liz panics when she spots Bryson on her doorstep

    1. Kanye West  ‘Flashing Lights'

      Liz waits in her car outside Taylor's party

    1. Undersea Poem  ‘You You You'

      Sully gives Liz some advice while working his knot-tying skills

    1. Andrew W. K.  ‘I Love NYC (9/11 Tribute)'

      Liz is surprised to find that Taylor's party is NYC-themed

    1. Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas  ‘No Place Left to Hide'

      Taylor reveals that she's going to attend college in NYC

    1. Frightened Rabbit  ‘Not Miserable'

      Liz shares her doubts about the future

    1. Correatown  ‘Play'

      Liz confronts Bryson after opening his gift and reveals her plan to save Sully