Songs from the show

    1. Another Cynthia  ‘Lay Off'

      Liz looks back on her attempts to rent an apartment and her fears of returning to Texas

    1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes  ‘Janglin'

      Liz moves out of the dorms

    1. Family of the Year  ‘No Good at Nothing'

      Liz gets a guitar lesson from Louis

    1. Kina Grannis  ‘The Goldfish Song'

      Louis's roommate breaks up Liz's guitar lesson

    1. Helen Austin  ‘So Stay'

      Liz hangs up on Bryson

    1. She & Him  ‘Brand New Shoes'

      Liz leaves Louis's apartment and walks to a diner

    1. Sunset  ‘New York Love'

      End of Liz's talk with Marc at the diner

    1. Rachel Goodrich  ‘The Night'

      The Nerd Herd play with their magic cards

    1. Bermuda Bonnie  ‘If I Had a Party'

      The Nerd Herd discusses Liz aka "The Warrior Lady"

    1. Loch Lomond  ‘Night Bats'

      Liz and Louis begin to say their goodbyes

    1. Band of Horses  ‘On My Way Back Home'

      Liz takes a cab to the airport beginning her trip back to Texas

    1. Uninhabitable Mansions  ‘The Speed is Deceiving'

      Liz returns to Texas and her old life quickly catches up with her