Songs from the show

    1. Uninhabitable Mansions  ‘This Drift'

      Liz reminisces on Bryson's visit and finds out he has a girlfriend back in Texas

    1. Fanfarlo  ‘Good Morning Midnight'

      Liz tests out various futons

    1. LL Cool J  ‘Mama Said Knock You Out'

      Liz enjoys her music while going to check out an apartment

    1. Michael Dekkers  ‘A Walk in the Park'

      Liz gets a tour of an apartment next to a train track

    1. Rachel Goodrich  ‘Easier Said Than Done'

      Liz visits an apartment with some interesting pets

    1. April Smith and the Great Picture Show  ‘Colors'

      Liz's search continues with an apartment that has the bathroom in the kitchen

    1. BrakesBrakesBrakes  ‘Red Rag'

      Liz meets some potential roommates who are a little too Rock 'n Roll for her taste

    1. Loch Lomond  ‘Scabs on This Year'

      Liz waits for Louis while sitting on a couch that needs a home

    1. I Love Math  ‘These Paper Walls'

      Sully puts on his war paint and has a heart to heart with R2D2

    1. Family of the Year  ‘Stairs'

      Liz gets a text from Bryson, followed by an unusually nice text from Louis

    1. Oberhofer  ‘I Could Go'

      Liz gets a tour of Mark's apartment

    1. Helen Austin  ‘Ordinary Girl'

      Mark hands Liz the keys to his apartment

    1. Apollo Sunshine  ‘Singing to the Earth'

      Liz and Louis browse through a flea market

    1. Fanfarlo  ‘Comets'

      Mark's ex refuses to leave their apartment, leavin Liz without a home

    1. Rachel Goodrich  ‘Morning Light'

      Scenes for next week's episode