Songs from the show

    1. 1997  ‘Winds of Change'

      Song plays as Liz looks back at what happens so far in NYC

    1. Cameron Rafati  ‘Speck out in the Blue'

      Picking up where the first episode left off, Liz reunites with Bryson who is waiting for her outside her door

    1. Xylos  ‘Not Enough'

      Liz and Bryson catch up and Bryson mentions a possible move to NYC

    1. Iggy Pop  ‘The Passenger'

      Liz describes her struggles in art school

    1. Helen Austin  ‘High Maintenance'

      Liz gives Bryson a tour of her life in NYC, including her dorm and school's campus

    1. Calvin Harris  ‘Merrymaking in my House'

      When the Nerd Herd arrive at Bryson's school and find he's not there

    1. Loch Lomond  ‘Wax and Wire'

      Liz sits and chats with Bryson and he notices she's acting strange

    1. TAB the Band  ‘It's Over'

      Liz comes clean with Bryson about all of her troubles

    1. Migrant Kids  ‘Alarm'

      The Nerd Herd takes a Segway tour of Bryson's colleague campus

    1. Freelance Whales  ‘Kilojoules'

      Bryson leads Liz wandering through the city

    1. Freelance Whales  ‘Starring'

      Liz is disappointed to learn the helmet she wants in a secondhand store is too expensive for her

    1. Argyle Johnson  ‘Woke Up Today'

      Liz and Bryson head to a driving range

    1. Angus and Julia Stone  ‘Mango Tree'

      Bryson instructs Liz to get her anger out on the golf balls she's hitting

    1. Ludacris  ‘How Low'

      The Nerd Herd attend a college party at Bryson's school

    1. Florence and The Machine  ‘Dog Days are Over'

      Sully leaves the college party to call Liz; Liz and Bryson flea a cab they didn't have money for

    1. Faded Paper Figures  ‘You Know What I Mean'

      Sully shares his feelings for Liz with a girl at the college party

    1. Nicole Reynolds  ‘Wonderin'

      Liz and Bryson's day in the city continues in Times Square taking photos with some tourists

    1. Scissor Sisters  ‘Any Which Way'

      Liz and Bryson find themselves at an alternative restaurant where Bryson receives a lap dance

    1. Headlights  ‘Love Song for Buddy'

      Liz and Bryson share a private moment on the water

    1. Niels Nielsen  ‘In My Head'

      Scenes for next week's episode