Songs from the show

    1. Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys  ‘Empire State of Mind'

      Season 2 opens with shots of New York City, Liz wandering around in her new city

    1. Fictionist  ‘Wakes'

      Liz has a harsh reality call when a cab splashes water all over her

    1. The Morning Benders  ‘Cold War'

      Liz recaps the unexpected troubles she has run into in NYC

    1. Iggy Pop  ‘The Passenger'

      Liz describes her struggles in art school

    1. I Love Monsters  ‘Practice Heart'

      Liz talks about her long distance friendship with Bryson

    1. Adem  ‘Something's Going to Come'

      Liz is confused about her relationship with Bryson and feeling overwhelmed in the city

    1. God-Des and She  ‘Spin the Bottle'

      The Nerd Herd are playing poker

    1. Free Energy  ‘Wild Winds'

      Liz talks to the Nerd Herd and misses being with them

    1. The Brian Jonestown Massacre  ‘Vacuum Boots'

      The Nerd Herd discuss how to cheer Liz up including a trip to see Bryson

    1. Lady Gaga  ‘Poker Face'

      The Nerd Herd rock out in the car to this song as they drive to Bryson's college

    1. Helen Austin  ‘Stuck to You'

      Louis attempts to invite Liz to a concert but her cell phone interupts

    1. Bermuda Bonnie  ‘Your Cheeks and DQ Fantasies'

      Sully calls Liz to talk about Bryson being in NYC

    1. Headlights  ‘You and Eye'

      Liz is surprised to hear Bryson is in NYC and didn't tell her

    1. Loch Lomond  ‘Wax and Wire'

      Liz sits in her room trying to understand why Bryson didn't tell her he's in NYC

    1. Soft Power  ‘Cold War'

      Liz enters a concert venue looking for Bryson

    1. Florence and The Machine  ‘Cosmic Love'

      Liz thinks she sees Bryson amidst a crowd of concert-goers

    1. Soft Power  ‘Heavy Riff'

      Liz realizes its not actually Bryson

    1. Andrea Ball  ‘Glass Wall'

      Liz leaves the concert venue disappointed that she didn't find Bryson

    1. Faded Paper Figures  ‘One More Crash'

      Liz and Louis say goodbye and go their separate ways

    1. Girls  ‘Lust For Life'

      Liz is shocked to see Bryson on her doorstep

    1. No Second Troy  ‘Let it Go'

      Song plays under scenes for next week's episode