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  1. If you happen to see a girl with bright red hair and a vintage Star Wars helmet flying down the streets of Brooklyn on a beat-up bike, that just might be Liz. Having finally escaped the confines of her conservative hometown back in Texas (and the...   Read More

  2. Taylor's now a senior at Burleson High School, keeping the dream alive. Although she hails from a different side of the hallway than Liz (the one with the higher percentage of lettered jackets, designer handbags, and mile-high hair), they managed to...   Read More

  3. Counting among his heroes Intergalactic bad-ass Han Solo and Hayao Miyazaki (if you don't know the name, you better ask some internets), Bryson is a true renaissance man. Although he's a newly minted college freshman in Austin, Texas, he has...   Read More

  4. Liz's best bud, fellow comic book junkie, and all around ride-or-die homey, Sully is now a junior in high school. Even though Sully and Liz are separated by half the country, their bond-- created through a love of Star Wars Trivia, obscure movie...   Read More

  5. Troy graduated from Burleson High school last year, and is still repping Tejas (-noun. (slang) The State of Texas). Troy still makes time to hang out with his best buds Sully and Miles. Often the voice of reason in the group, Troy dispenses...   Read More

  6. A senior at Burleson High, Miles can usually be found hanging out with either Sully or Troy, or both. When he's not with them, he can be found stroking his impeccably groomed mutton chops while contemplating the vastness of the universe. Wide-eyed...   Read More

  7. Before trying to make it in New York as one-half of the up-and-coming folk duo, Augustine. Louis called North Florida home. It was there that he met up with his now band-mate and best friend Jordan (who...   Read More

  8. Cori was Liz's former best friend turned arch-nemesis in high school. Despite sharing an almost sincere moment at prom last season, Cori and Liz haven't kept in touch since Liz left Texas. Cori becomes part of Liz's realization that nothing really...   Read More