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Bryson finally decides to come clean about his feelings for Liz.

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Liz leads the nerds of Burleson High in one of the best senior pranks ever.

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Liz offers some advice to surviving high school.

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  1. The gang tags along as Miles crosses items off his NYC bucket list.

  2. Want to be a Liz supporter? Here's your chance to own Liz's very own T-shirt.

  3. Louis', from 'My Life As Liz' and band Augustine, talks about Liz's talent and the type of girl she is.

Songs from the show

    1. Gramercy Arms  ‘Looking at the Sun'

    1. Phoenix  ‘Love Like a Sunset Part II'

    1. Blitzen Trapper  ‘Furr'

    1. Passion Pit  ‘Moth's Wings'

    1. Now Its Overhead  ‘A Little Consolation'

    1. The Rosebuds  ‘You Better Get Ready'

    1. Cocoon  ‘Chupee'

About My Life as Liz (Season 1)

  1. "My Life as Liz" explores high school life through the eyes of Liz Lee, a precocious, sometimes sarcastic, always witty teenage girl trapped in a conservative Texas town. Ever the outsider, the series explores Liz's attempt to make the best of her senior year by carving out a place of her own among her more "normal" peers. While Liz's off-kilter outlook and impeccable comedic timing make her journey of self-discovery an often humorous one -- her openness and honesty allow viewers to bear witness to the truest and most tender moments of being a teenage girl.