Songs from the show

    1. Snowglobe  ‘Changes'

      Liz recaps last week's episode and says she's decided to go to prom.

    1. Hymns  ‘Ten Bells'

      Taylor shows up at Liz's house unannounced to help her prepare for prom.

    1. Micromen  ‘Close Your Eyes'

      Taylor goes through all the different prom looks with Liz in her room. Liz starts to second guess her decision to go to prom.

    1. Rachel Goodrich  ‘Piggy Bank'

      Liz arrives at school to find the parking lot covered with "Vote for Cori for Prom Queen" stickers

    1. Psapp  ‘Fix It'

      Liz feels apprehensive as she approaches Bryson to discuss prom.

    1. Snowglobe  ‘Oxytocin'

      Liz approaches Bryson at his locker to try and talk about prom but he is too busy to talk.

    1. Terrordactyls  ‘Sabina'

      Liz considers asking Bryson to prom while having a sword fight with Sully.

    1. Ruby Suns  ‘Kenya Dig It'

      Liz decides to ask Bryson to prom and jumps in her car to do it immediately.

    1. Madeline  ‘This Train'

      Liz visits Bryson at work and asks him to prom.

    1. Snowglobe  ‘New Year's'

      Liz leaves Bryson's work feeling bummed that he is taking his ex-girlfriend to prom.

    1. Beastie Boys  ‘Funky Boss'

      Liz rebels against prom by smashing a bunch of prom queen crowns with a baseball bat.

    1. Coco B's  ‘Souvenir Boy'

      Liz and Sully sit under a bridge throwing rocks in silence.

    1. Cale Parks  ‘Late Show'

      Sully tries to convince Liz to go to prom despite Bryson rejecting her.

    1. Buffalo Roam  ‘Apart From You'

      Bryson is leaving work and finds out Liz is going to prom with Sully; Liz asks Taylor for help picking out a prom dress.

    1. The Histrioniks  ‘Gone'

      Liz tries on a red dress Taylor brought her; they both laugh at how ridiculous it looks.

    1. The Histrioniks  ‘Anger Cherry'

      Preview for next week's episode.