Songs from the show

    1. Datarock  ‘In the Red'

      Liz walks into school alone on her birthday thinking about how she has no girlfriends.

    1. Datarock  ‘Fa Fa Fa'

      After Taylor gives Liz an invitation to the ABC party, Liz explains what it is and people discuss what they might wear to the party.

    1. Coco B's  ‘Culture Contact'

      Sully and the boys discuss Sully's feelings for Liz over sandwhich making.

    1. Peter Nevins  ‘All My Songs Of Love'

      Liz feels like Sully and Bryson are blowing her off, she calls Annie and leaves her a message letting her know how much she misses her.

    1. Snowglobe  ‘Beautiful'

      Sully shows up at Liz's house in a banana costume and convinces her to go to the ABC party as his date.

    1. Peter, Bjorn and John  ‘Nothing to Worry About'

      Liz and Sully show up at the ABC party; Troy texts Sully to come forth with his feelings for Liz.

    1. Hurricane Chris  ‘The Hand Clap'

      Liz and Sully start dancing at the party to try and fit in; Cori approaches Liz and picks a fight.

    1. Pitbull  ‘I Know You Want Me'

      Taylor approaches Liz and Cori's argument and takes Liz's side.

    1. Jens Lekman  ‘The Opposite of Hallelujah'

      Liz enjoys a moment of glory after hearing Taylor take her side.

    1. Thao with the Get Down Stay Down  ‘Bag of Hammers'

      Liz and Sully enjoy the ABC party after the Cori argument blows over.

    1. Slow Runner  ‘Trying to Put Your Heart Back Together'

      Liz and Sully say goodnight outside Liz's house.

    1. The Temper Trap  ‘Soldier On'

      Liz returns home from a successful ABC party to find Bryson hitting golf balls and waiting in the backyard for her.

    1. Donora  ‘London'

      Bryson tells Liz he broke up with Jamie and gives her a belated birthday present.

    1. Kathleen Smith  ‘Tinfoil Girl'

      Sully leaves after awkwardly interupting Bryson and Liz's moment. Liz joins Bryson in golfing.

    1. Jeremy Messersmith  ‘Dead End Job'

      Taylor and Liz talk on the phone recapping the ABC party and Taylor mentions that prom season is fast approaching.

    1. Don't Be a Stranger  ‘Homerun'

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