Ship of the Year

You can cut the sexual tension surrounding this category with a knife since it celebrates the best unspoken (and sometimes scandalous!) relationships across the fandom universe.
Damon & Elena
The Vampire Diaries
Elena might be destined to end up with a fellow doppelganger, but with scenes as steamy as her ones with Damon, destiny might need to be changed.
Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark
The Hunger Games
The couple that reluctantly kills teenagers in a deadly government game to win food together, stays together.
Sherlock & John Watson
This brainy duo has never looked so good while stopping criminals so bad.
Dean & Castiel
'Supernatural' fans have made it clear they want Dean to be touched by an angel in more ways than one. Will Castiel ever deliver?
Stiles & Derek
Teen Wolf
Best friends, or something more? Regardless of whether they're werewolves or possessed by ancient Japanese demons, the boys of 'Teen Wolf' always set hearts racing.