OMG Moment of the Year

SPOILER ALERT: This award is about to bring on the feels. Which crazy moment this year caused fandoms to completely lose their s**t?
The Purple Wedding
Game of Thrones
There's no doubt dedicated GOT fans threw celebrations worthy of all of Westeros after they watched the disturbingly evil King Joffrey finally get what was coming to him.
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
When news broke that former 'Daredevil' Ben Affleck would be driving the Batmobile from now on, fans had a Gotham City-sized meltdown.
Series Finale
Breaking Bad
Nothing could ever fill the Heisenberg-shaped hole left in the heart of 'Breaking Bad' fans as the award winning series went out with a literal bang.
Series Finale
How I Met Your Mother
The finale of the epic and quotable show nine years in the making had everyone in an uproar with a last minute, out-of-left-field twist.
Cast Photo Revealed
Star Wars: Episode VII
When the cast photo for the new Star Wars movie was recently released, fans totally lost it. May the force be with you, J. J. Abrams.