Fandom Feat of the Year

There's nothing a strong fandom can't accomplish, and this award celebrates the one that kicked the most Kickstarter ass, got involved with charities, or bravely rallied to keep their beloved show on air.
Fans started the Sterek Campaign Charity Project, which heroically raised $25,000 for a wolf sanctuary. Talk about howl-worthy.
NBC was no match for fans of the outlandish community college comedy, who kept the show on-air for another season and brought back beloved show creator Dan Harmon.
Everyone's favorite cannibal was resurrected for a second season, all thanks to fans who thought the show was just too delicious to pass up.
With the support of the Supernatural fandom, Misha Collins founded Random Acts (, a Division of the Art Department, Inc, which is a registered 501(c)3 charity that sponsors several projects including AMOK, Hope2Haiti, and E4K.
Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars' Marshmallows are anything but soft - these dedicated fans successfully raised enough money through Kickstarter to fund a movie for their favorite teenage sleuth. As Logan would say, it was pretty "epic."