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And The Winner Is...

There can only be one group that could be crowned MTV's Top Pop Group. Watch how it all went down right here.

Winner's Video

Watch Mosiac's backstage interview after their win.

Top Pop Winner's Performances

Watch Mosiac's journey to the win. Check out all of their performances from the season right here.

The Runners Up

It was a long road and Ju-Taun put up a good fight. Watch all Ju-Taun's performances.

The Purrrr-fect Theme Song

Check out everything we've got on the Pussycat Dolls and watch the video for 'When I Grow Up.'

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  1. America voted and crowned MTV's Top Pop Group. Watch the enitre Season Finale right now!

  2. Pick your favorite now! Hurry polls close Friday 6:00AM ET!

  3. Watch Mosaic's performances from the season and see why they were crowned MTV's Top Pop Group.

  1. Flip through Mosaic's highlight moments from this season.

  2. The final 6 groups gave it their all! Flip through the highlights from the Season Finale!

  3. Ju-Taun didn't get the crown but they put up a great fight. Watch all of their crowd pleasing performances right here!

  1. Find out how Mosaic felt about their win with this backstage interview.

  2. Chat, and Interact with your favorite Top Pop Group hopeful right here.

About MTV's Top Pop Group

  1. A good pop song makes you want to grab your friends and run out on the dance floor to let loose. A good pop song makes you crank up the volume and roll down the car windows while you sing your heart out on the way home.

    A good pop group makes you jump up and down and high-five your friends when you score tickets to the once-in-a-lifetime concert that's coming to your town. And that same good pop group makes you want to sing along to every song at the show you waited all summer to see.

    If pop music is the soundtrack to your life, then you must be dying to know who will be named MTV's Top Pop Group!

    Year after year, supergroups like *NSync, the Backstreet Boys, the Pussycat Dolls, Danity Kane and the Jonas Brothers carve their place in pop music history. They sing. They dance. They entertain. They inspire.

    Now, the search is on to find the next big pop sensation. Yes, MTV is on a mission to discover the greatest untapped talent in America!

    After an extensive nationwide search, nine amazing groups hit the stage to compete for a $100,000 prize and the coveted title of MTV's Top Pop Group. With everyone's favorite host, Mario Lopez, at the helm, the competition is fierce!

    Each week, the hopefuls are coached by megastars and supergroups who try to help them perfect their singing, dancing and overall performance skills. Then, the groups perform live in front of a panel of celebrity judges -- rapper Taboo, singer Michelle Williams and choreographer Brian Friedman -- knowing that one wrong move or off-key note could cause their dreams to come crashing down.

    But it's not just the judges that get a say in who stays and who goes. You -- yes, you! -- can vote for your favorite pop group! But this power shouldn't be taken lightly ... by casting your vote, dreams become reality and hearts are broken. After tallying the votes, one group is eliminated each week. In the end, the last group standing is crowned MTV's Top Pop Group!

    Who has what it takes to steal the spotlight and become the next big thing? You're about to find out. So, turn the volume up, grab a hairbrush to sing into and get ready to help us discover the next Top Pop Group!