1. Gregg Delman

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  1. 22-year-old Aubrey could be described as "wild and crazy," and that extends to her housekeeping habits--she's considered the messiest of the group. When it comes to her career, however, this Palm Springs native is nothing but disciplined, and has...   Read More

  2. Cali girl Aundrea is the baby of her family--and the shortest member of the group. Watch out, though--Aundrea packs a lot of talent and ambition in her little frame, and this natural-born romantic has been striving for stardom since she was a kid.

  3. New Orleans native Dawn survived Hurricane Katrina, an experience that has only made her even more determined to make it. The daughter of a dance teacher and a musician, she's been immersed in performing since she was a baby, and honed her skills as...   Read More

  4. At first glance, Shannon seems pretty shy, but that's just until she gets to know you. Then the biting wit comes out. A former cheerleader for the Portland Trailblazers, Shannon is married to a fellow dancer. Her age, experience, and knack for...   Read More

  5. You can call here Wanita, or you can call her D. Woods. Just know that this girl is all about getting the job done. A dancer, singer and actor, this Atlanta girl is the most athletic of the group. She can get along with the other girls--but it's her...   Read More