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  1. At age three, Danity Kane's Aubrey stepped onstage and never looked back. She has appeared in productions of virtually every major musical, including Annie, The Sound of Music, A Chorus Line, Fiddler on the Roof and...   Read More

  2. By the time she was old enough to talk, Danity Kane's Aundrea was enthusiastically belting out rancheros and other musical styles. By age eight she was a fixture in her church choir, and roles in school plays followed. In her teens Aundrea...   Read More

  3. Brian's come a long way from making ends meet by working at a doggie daycare, having earned one of the coveted spots in Diddy's all-male supergroup during season 1 of Making the Band 4. Brian's a talented singer, but the pressure is on when...   Read More

  4. Danity Kane's D. Woods likes to stay busy. Since she was very young, she has been enamored with every aspect of performance. She has studied modern ballet and hip-hop and West African dance; undergone intensive vocal training; and honed her...   Read More

  5. Given her upbringing, Danity Kane's Dawn was destined to have a successful music career. Her mother owned a dance studio while her father was a keyboardist in the R&B band Chocolate Milk. Her parents' talents ignited in Dawn an unquenchable desire...   Read More

  6. Before unexpectedly scoring a solo contract during season 1 of Making the Band 4, Donnie was a part-time college student and worked at a gym. Music is the most important thing in his life; in fact, he's been dreaming of getting his big break...   Read More

  7. Michael used to assemble cars and teach dance classes, but all that is in his past now that he won a spot in Diddy's all-male supergroup during season 1 of Making the Band 4. Michael has a beautiful voice, loads of confidence and a brand-new...   Read More

  8. After much thought, Qwanell decided to give up a scholarship to Firetown College to appear on season 1 of Making the Band 4 -- and what a smart choice it turned out to be! Although he was nervous about auditioning in front of Diddy, Qwanell's...   Read More

  9. In his hometown, Robert has a reputation as a gifted performer, and he definitely had the confidence and swagger that Diddy was looking for during season 1 of Making the Band 4. After proving he could work well with others, Robert was chosen...   Read More

  10. Shannon was an avid singer and dancer long before joining Danity Kane during Making the Band 3. At 19, the Oregon native learned a great deal about performing with a group when she was a Portland Trail Blazers cheerleader. Known for her...   Read More

  11. Although the Chicago music scene is small, Willie made a living as a singer, songwriter and arranger before being asked to join Diddy's all-male supergroup during Making the Band 4. While living in New York City during season 1, Willie...   Read More