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  1. With the guys kicked out of studio, they get to work with Ankh Ra (vocal coach) to learn to be more passionate about the overall process. Michael Bivins (Artist Development) stops by the apartment and talks with the guys and lays it out on the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Aubrey and Donnie go on a romantic date, but things sour when she sees him on a second date later that night. Diddy moves the groups to Miami where they move into a house together.


About Episode

  1. With the guys kicked out of studio, they get to work with Ankh Ra (vocal coach) to learn to be more passionate about the overall process. Michael Bivins (Artist Development) stops by the apartment and talks with the guys and lays it out on the table: Diddy feels like he's not getting any emotion from the group during the recording process, and no emotion means no money-making. How can you record a song with passion, if the singers can't even feel what they're singing?

    Speaking of passion, Donnie wants to see Aubrey's softer-side, the side she doesn't show out at the clubs, and asks her out to dinner. Just the two of them. She nods and he seals the deal with a kiss. Night falls on Manhattan and sweethearts Aubrey and Donnie groom themselves for their date -- even though they've been out together times before, this night's working up their nerves. They break the ice over some bread and childhood dish and realize they have a lot in common. But Aubrey, out with a motive, brings up Donnie's ex-girlfriend, just to see how he reacts. He laughs her attempts off and cheers her for being real with him. Their date ends with a sweet kiss and it seems like they've got nothing but chemistry together.

    Back at the apartment, Donnie lies to the boys -- claiming there was no "goodnight smooches". They decide that the night is young, and even though Donnie just came home from his date with Aubrey, it doesn't mean they can't go out with some girls they met. Donnie's on the prowl. A phone call later, and the guys call dibs on their waiting girls -- Donnie sets his sights on a brunette, but it doesn't stay a secret for long. Qwanell places a phone call to Dawn and tells her to come out and meet them, and to bring along Aubrey. Drama ensues as the mad "Aub-erella" heads out to check Donnie and his girl with her own eyes.

    Aubrey makes no attempt at being understated; she marches right up to Donnie and the shrinking brunette to confront them: "Is this your girlfriend?" "Is this your boyfriend?" "Oh, well, you guys make a cute couple." Ouch. A hurt Aubrey retreats to the corner with Robert and dishes out to him how she is really feeling -- played. The guys are thinking that she's just taking it all too seriously, and while Mike tries to play down the situation by saying if Donnie took out his mom after dinner with Aubrey, that'd be considered a date too (what planet are you living on Mike?), Aubrey just can't see it any other way but player playing a game with her. She writes him off and swears that her attention will no longer fall on Donnie.

    While Aubrey feels used by Donnie, Donnie's feeling bruised by Q. Why would he ever call out Aubrey to join them, when he knew it wasn't going to go well if she spotted her crush with another girl? Even though no one thinks Q did it intentionally, Donnie's chances at a relationship with Aubrey are ruined and he thinks it's entirely Q's fault. This little "joke" became really unfunny really fast.

    Luckily, just as the apartments are boiling with some heat and anger, Diddy calls out a change of scenery. The bands leave behind a freezing, gray New York City for a warm, sunny Miami -- and while they're in the tropics, it's not going to be all fun and games. The crews are there to work, and Diddy'll make it happen, believe it, even with co-ed living arrangements. Though, of course, there shouldn't be a problem with space- their new home away from home is a ginormous white waterfront mansion -- lit up like Times Square.

    As soon as they all get settled, the wrecked relationship between Aubrey and Donnie needs to be confronted; they steal away to the end of a lit pier and Aubrey's finally able to confront him on what he did. She puts him in his place and tells him she doesn't stand for games like that because she's not a "regular girl" who can just be fooled with, especially when they're on the same label in the same business. Aubrey wants an apology, but Donnie refuses -- can they ever work this out and clean this mess up, or are they going to be stuck living, literally, with animosity?

    Ankh Ra comes knocking on the Miami-house door and meets with the guys to go over vocal work. His job is to get the guys emotionally connected to what they're singing -- and getting it to shine through with how they're singing. When that's not happening, Ankh takes them to task and just as he's through with them, the door opens and Diddy struts in. He sits the entire group down (boys and girls) and makes it clear that they need to be devoting everything to their singing. He has the girls get up and show what they can do with their vocals -- the guys are in shock over how moving they can sing. Claps all around, even from the hard-to-please Diddy. But he still has to deal with the unimpressive, unemotional boys. He gives an ultimatum: if they can't learn to give goosebumps, then they'll be kept out of the studio, for good. Luckily, a final attempt to prove themselves wins them back on Diddy's good side, and they get the okay to get back in the studio.

    Meanwhile, it looks like a rough road ahead for the girls in the recording studio -- Diddy's unhappy and the girls are fighting-mad. Who said Miami was supposed to be a relaxing place?