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  1. Dreams. Destiny. Diddy. Yup, it's that time again. Time for Making the Band 4! But watch out because this time around Diddy is trading catfights for fistfights....  Read Full Summary

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  1. On the night of the grand finale of Making The Band 4, a huge crowd stood outside of the MTV studio in Times Square, anxious to see who Diddy would pick to make the band....  Read Full Summary »


  2. As the group catches up at the airport, they realize that Big Mike is the only one that hasn't arrived yet. They're definitely anxious to see his transformation. As the anticipation builds, Mike rounds the corner and the guys go crazy. It's apparent that...  Read Full Summary »


  3. On Making the Band 4, Carlos and his girlfriend are expecting their first child soon. The father-to-be soon gets devastating news about the baby that distracts him from the competition....  Read Full Summary »



  1. Do you want more Making The Band 4? Sure you do. Check out unseen interviews with Diddy's new artists from Making The Band 4, plus peep hilarious bloopers by Diddy himself.

  2. The band has been made, and a new solo artist was crowned. Join Sway as he interviews Diddy and the winners and losers in the Making The Band 4 Finale After Show now!

  3. Catch all the highlight photos and summaries from the latest episode of Making The Band 4.

  1. Many auditioned, and a few made it into the house. But only 10 are finalists on Making The Band 4. Check out what they have to say about making it this far!

  2. They walked across 5 boroughs in the blistering cold to get Diddy some cheesecake and raise money for the homeless. Was it worth it? Find out now.

  3. The finalists reveal which musical greats have served as their inspiration.

  1. Shhh, don't tell! These are the songs and artists that the guys don't want you to know they like!

  2. Yes, they've helped one another with singing and dancing, but it's still a competition. The guys dish on the difficulty of competing against friends and seeing some friends get sent home.

  3. There are 10 remaining, but Diddy's only selecting 4 for the group. Wouldn't you be nervous? Check out what the finalists have to say.

  1. Find out what the finalists learned from being around equally talented competition.

  2. The 10 finalists of Making The Band 4 wrap up their experience by recalling the best moments.

About Making The Band 4 (Season 1)

  1. Dreams. Destiny. Diddy. Yup, it's that time again. Time for Making the Band 4! But watch out because this time around Diddy is trading catfights for fistfights.

    After the mega success of all-girl group Danity Kane, Diddy's back and looking to shake things up during this season of Making the Band by scouring the country for the best male performers. That's right. Diddy's looking to put together an all-guy group of superstars who are ready, willing and -- most importantly -- able to skyrocket to the top of the charts.

    After auditioning thousands of potential superstars in various cities across the country, the field is narrowed to 20 Making the Band hopefuls. But catching Diddy's eye is just the beginning of the competition. Now the real test begins. Which of these fellas will prove they've got what it takes for pop stardom? Can they sing? Can they dance? But, most importantly, can they impress Diddy? They better be able to do all three or else they'll be sent packing!

    Helping every step of the way is Diddy's Making the Band "dream team." The dream team is comprised of New Edition's Michael Bivins, Grammy-winning producer Bryan Cox, R&B singer Joe, A&R manager Slam, vocal coach Ankh Ra and choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson. (Plus, manager Johnny Wright, singer Mario Winans and others will be lending a hand from time to time.) They'll be there to help Diddy weed out the weak links and find the cream of the crop. One thing's for sure; it's not going to be easy!

    The drama runs deep during Making the Band 4, as the potential hopefuls get on each other's nerves and are at each other's throats while living together in the posh NYC crib Diddy sets them up in. They quickly find out that it's not easy living and working with your competition and trying to make a major impression on Diddy. Some will shine while others will crack under the pressure. It really is survival of the fittest because, as Diddy says, "there's always somebody in life trying to take your spot."

    Still, Diddy is optimistic that he can put together the perfect R&B boy band to follow in the footsteps of such legendary acts as The Temptations, Boyz II Men, New Edition and *NSync. But only the best will do for Diddy, so the fellas are going to have to step it up and bring their A-game! Yup, Making the Band is back in true Diddy style.