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  1. The time is drawing to a close for the guys as the Making the Band competition grows fiercer with each coming week. The fellas are growing more and more eager to make the band, but first they must hone their singing skills and brush up on their......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. The time is drawing to a close for the guys as the Making the Band competition grows fiercer with each coming week. The fellas are growing more and more eager to make the band, but first they must hone their singing skills and brush up on their dancing.

    Diddy has invited veteran choreographer Jamal to teach the guys some new moves, hopefully helping them prove to Diddy that they've got what it takes to stay in the competition. Although the routine Jamal comes up with is complex and takes awhile to explain, the fellas catch on quickly. Unfortunately, due to his injury, Julius must sit out this lesson. He can only hope that Diddy sees past his bum leg and spares him elimination.

    During the last elimination, Diddy expressed his disappointment that the guys couldn't dance, which hit a nerve with all of the Making the Band men. Now, everybody is stepping it up and working harder than ever. Although Donnie may be the only white guy left in the house, he is determined to prove he is capable of keeping up with everyone else.

    Next, the Making the Banders meet producer Bryan Cox and songwriter Jack Knight in the studio for what they've all been waiting for -- to finally record. Bryan gives the guys a song he wants them to learn, and it's a true club-banger. The guys head home and immediately get to practicing.

    Meanwhile, Carlos and his girlfriend are expecting their first child soon, so he pays her a visit to catch up and see how things are going. Carlos says he wants to be the best dad in the world and promises that he and his girlfriend will do all that they can to provide for their child in the best possible way.

    We've seen some serious transformations among the Making the Band hopefuls, and now it's DeAngelo's turn. Diddy isn't happy with DeAngelo's braids and tells him to get a haircut. DeAngelo is less than thrilled but willing to do whatever it takes to remain in the competition. So he sits in the barber's chair, takes a deep breath and says goodbye to the hair he's grown so attached to. In the end, the fresh cut actually suits DeAngelo. Maybe his new look will win a few points with Diddy. If only!

    The fellas meet Bryan Cox back in the studio for their first recording session. As the guys head into the booth one by one, they nail every note. You'd never guess that many of them have never even been in a professional studio before. But as Julius steps into the booth, his confidence -- or lack thereof -- takes away from his ability to execute the song appropriately. He slightly struggles with his pitch and, after several attempts, Bryan stops recording.

    Everybody wants to shine in the studio, but there can only be a few selected singers to tackle the lead vocals on the song. Bryan Cox makes his picks and the other Making the Banders feel like they're now in the shadows. There is a slight separation felt between the men, but the show must go on.

    Next, the Making the Band boys meet Jamal back at the dance studio for their final rehearsal before performing for Diddy. They brush up on what they've learned and Jamal praises the men for their hard work. Donnie shows off his unique take on the moves, which he hopes will help keep him in the competition. Jamal explains that the dance portion of the competition isn't only about learning the moves, but feeling the rhythm and making it their own. Donnie has clearly done this, and he hopes Diddy will appreciate it.

    When Carlos returns home, he calls to check in on his girlfriend and receives some upsetting news -- the doctors need to run some blood tests to make sure the baby is OK. Carlos breaks down when he hears this. But for now, the competition is at stake so he collects himself and tries to remain focused.

    As the housemates continue to practice and get better and better, Julius' injury seems to be getting the best of him. He struggles when it comes to dancing and in an area that once put him above the rest: singing. He feels defeated but decides to stay in the fight till the very end -- or until Diddy gives him the boot.

    Just before the men meet up with Diddy, Carlos calls his girlfriend for another update. Sadly, she has been told that their baby might have Down syndrome. Naturally, Carlos is devastated. This truly puts him in a vulnerable position, as his focus on the competition has been put on the back burner. As Carlos struggles to collect himself, he prays that both the baby and his girlfriend will be fine and presses forward with the competition.

    The fellas meet up with Diddy and immediately break into groups and begin dancing. Donnie nails every step and the confidence he has in his moves shines through, making his group the one to beat. When Carlos' group steps up, Diddy stops the music when he notices Carlos is falling behind. He asks them to start over, but even the second attempt isn't good enough for Diddy. Finally, Julius' group performs, and it doesn't look very promising. But Julius is a fighter and, although he's in pain, he doesn't let it show.

    After the group dance performances, Diddy asks each guy perform the song they recorded in the studio in order to narrow his decision down. Carlos and Julius both give less than stellar performances and can only hope Diddy spares them from being cut.

    Diddy and his judges then deliberate about who should remain in the Making the Band house and who should pack their bags. Only 10 men can stay, and Diddy has decided that Carlos and Julius should head home.

    As for the rest of the fellas, they are also going to be sent home -- but only for two months. Then, they will return to the Making the Band house and show Diddy if they've got what it takes to make it through the final elimination. We'll soon find out which guys really have star quality!