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  1. It's that time. Time for the Making the Band 4 men to show their physical endurance. The guys meet "dream team" member Michael Bivins on the basketball court, where they are told that they will go head-to-head in a competition. The losers will be......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. It's that time. Time for the Making the Band 4 men to show their physical endurance. The guys meet "dream team" member Michael Bivins on the basketball court, where they are told that they will go head-to-head in a competition. The losers will be forced to jog around the court. Not fun!

    During a grueling session of one-on-one b-ball, some of the men prove that their skills solely lie in singing. While competing, Jonathan and Qwanell have mixed feelings about going up against each other. Both of them admit they aren't very good and are fearful that the other player will embarrass them. But once the game begins, they realize their level of skill -- or, actually, lack of skill -- is exactly the same. In the end, Jonathan loses and has to join the other Making the Banders who are doing laps around the court. Only problem is, Jonathan is out of energy and feeling lightheaded, so he decides to walk while the others run. Michael Bivins isn't feeling his decision and tells him to step it up.

    Next, the guys meet up with Michael Bivins once again, but this time it's at a different venue. When the fellas walk in, they're completely stunned by what's in front of them -- a boxing ring! They have no idea what they're in for, but it's about to go down. Michael informs the guys that they will each have to endure three rounds of one-minute boxing, so they grab their headgear and gloves and get poppin'!

    One by one, the guys step up to the ring eager and ready to fight. When it's time for Jonathan and Qwanell to face off again, they discuss going easy on each other. The plan is to make it appear as if they are giving their all, but in actuality they will be holding back. Shortly after entering the ring, their plan is foiled when Qwanell seems to completely forget their conversation and serves heavy blows Jonathan's way. Jonathan winds up with a bloody nose, but he doesn't back down. After the bell finally rings, both men are relieved. What a day!

    When the Making the Band hopefuls return to the house to cool down, Jonathan phones his mother to tell her what he's been up to. Not surprisingly, she's upset that the guys are losing sight of what the true competition is all about -- singing. She gives Jonathan a word of advice and explains that he should not subject himself to physical challenges which might harm himself or his voice. This leaves Jonathan with a lot to think about.

    Now it's time for Diddy to see what each guy really has to offer. He calls them in one by one and judges them solely on singing. When Dan enters the room and belts out his unique version of Usher's "Let It Burn," Laurie Ann cheers him on. Big mistake. She is quickly called out and informed that she's not allowed to show favoritism. She and Diddy argue, and she is subsequently asked to leave the room. After cooling off, Diddy tells Michael Bivins to bring her back. Wow. The pressure seems to be building not only for the fellas, but amongst the Making the Band judges as well!

    Later, the men meet with Laurie Ann to learn some new dance moves before the next elimination. With only eight hours until showtime, they are all nervous they won't have enough time to learn the steps. The dance moves are pretty intricate, and hitting every step with precision seems to be the key to learning the routine. This proves to be too much for Jonathan and, after feeling lightheaded again and remembering what his mother told him earlier, he stops Laurie Ann and tells her he isn't cut out for the competition. The room falls silent and everyone is completely floored by his decision to walk away. They can't believe he is giving up so easily. As he leaves the room, there's a sense of shock and sadness looming in the air. But the other hopefuls can't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. The show must go on.

    After regaining their focus, Laurie Ann pulls a few guys aside and asks them to show her what they've learned. When Julius hits the dance floor, his knee pops. Ouch! He is rushed to the hospital, and Julius is aware that a serious injury can mean automatic elimination. The doctors inform Julius that he has a severe sprained ligament and has to refrain from physical activity for a week and a half. This is good news for Julius' knee, but may be bad news for his place in the Making the Band competition.

    The night of the elimination arrives and it's time for the guys to face Diddy. He calls the first group, and after a few moments he turns off the music. He's disappointed by their dancing and sends the whole group to the "can't dance section." One by one, the groups fail to impress Diddy and he sends them out of the room. When Laurie Ann tells Diddy that the fellas only practiced for eight hours, he is immediately bothered. Apparently, Laurie Ann was supposed to teach the fellas the routine during the course of an entire weekend. Instead, Laurie Ann showed them the routine only hours before the elimination. Needless to say, Diddy isn't happy about this and he feels the guys are suffering because of her decision. This leads to a no-holds-barred screaming match between Laurie Ann and Diddy and he tells her to leave, only this time there's no coming back!

    Once again, the show must go on, and Diddy still wants to see who has the most fight and hunger for Making the Band. He says he will take into account the fact that the guys only had eight hours to practice but, in the end, Curtiss, Andrae, Eric, Armando and Dan are sent packing. Before the rest of the hopefuls leave, Diddy informs Julius that, despite being on crutches, he's got to step up his game if he wants to remain in the house. It's getting vicious!