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  1. As the Making the Band 4 men awake from their peaceful slumber, the "old guys" are still getting adjusted to the new faces in the house. The question on everyone's mind is: Can the "new guys" hold their own and hang with the gang? Along with the......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. As the Making the Band 4 men awake from their peaceful slumber, the "old guys" are still getting adjusted to the new faces in the house. The question on everyone's mind is: Can the "new guys" hold their own and hang with the gang?

    Along with the tension building in the house due to last week's eliminations and new additions, Robert has some added pressure from his girlfriend, June. Robert and June haven't seen eye to eye for quite some time, and now that Robert isn't able to devote his full attention to their relationship, she feels he is no longer interested in her. After not being contacted for a few days, June calls with devastating news: she wants to end their relationship. But Robert vows he won't allow that to affect him. He must stay focused!

    Ankh Ra sets out to create an even blend of vocal talent and harmony, subsequently deciding to place the guys in five new groups, giving them two days to rehearse before they must perform in front of Diddy. How's that for pressure?

    That night, as the guys are winding down, Brian A. gets a phone call from Michael Bivins who informs him that Diddy wants all the Making the Banders to run five miles. The added catch? The men must all run and finish together, as a team. Yikes! Brian A. gathers the guys and the immediate focus falls on heavyset "Big Mike." He is viewed by his housemates as the weakest link in this field, and they aren't sure how the five-mile run will go.

    As the fellas begin to run, everyone starts off strong. But soon, they all start getting tired and slowing down. Midway through the run, Mike starts to fall behind and wants to walk. But in true brotherly love, the Making the Band gang encourages him to keep going and not to give up. Although everyone is equally tired, they must reach their destination. As the race comes to a close, the men can taste victory, but Mike wants it more than anyone else. He quickly sprints to the finish line and the team congratulates him and themselves. Working as a team truly unified the old and new guys and lifted the tension amongst them.

    Back at the house, during rehearsals, the unity the men feel increases and the chemistry between them is evident. But Robert's group sees how his relationship -- or non-relationship -- with June has taken its toll on him. Robert receives a phone call from June during rehearsal, and he stops to answer her call. At first, the group feels sympathetic to Robert's situation and doesn't mind him stepping away to take the call. But soon, as the call lasts longer than expected, the group feels dissed and second-guesses how comfortable they are with having Robert in the group. As Robert continues to argue with June, his group realizes that he needs a lesson in prioritizing.

    When the men head out to a local diner to grab a bite to eat, Mike watches while everyone orders his favorite foods -- all the foods he is now forbidden to consume in his quest to lose weight. Before temptation takes complete control, Mike orders a healthy grilled chicken dinner. Mike's food choices are definitely a good way to kick-start his weight loss.

    The next day during rehearsals, Robert's girlfriend calls again, and distracts the group. The group is obviously irritated by the lack of commitment Robert is showing and feels he is a negative asset. Things don't seem to be coming together well for the group, and instead of trying to fix the problems they have, they argue.

    Everyone cools down just in time for a visit from Michael Bivins, who tells the guys that he wants them to be as relaxed as possible while performing for Diddy. He feels nerves got the best of the men who were eliminated last week. Michael asks each of the groups to perform for him, so that he can see how they're coming along. All of the groups impress him, except Robert's group fails to bring the heat. This is a true wake-up call for them -- either they get it together by the time Diddy arrives or they will surely be booted out of the house.

    Next, the men head to New York Sports Clubs to weigh in with their trainer. Dan continues to impress with his constant weight loss, and Mike wonders if he'll ever start shedding the pounds. When he steps up to the scale, he's surprised to learn he actually lost 11 pounds. Way to go Mike! All of his hard work is starting to pay off.

    When the men return to the house, it's time to perform for Diddy. One right after another, the performances go flawlessly. The groups -- even Robert's -- nail every harmony and every dance move, impressing the judges.

    Decision time! Diddy shocks everyone when he informs them that he was supposed to cut up to six members but decides to cut zero because the performances were so good. Relieved, some of the men decide to celebrate by going to a strip club.

    After a night of fun, Diddy comes to the house with the "dream team" judges in tow. He informs the fellas that although he was unable to make the cuts for this week, there will still be cuts. Diddy selects a few of the Making the Banders to help weed out the weakest links and sends the other guys downstairs to wait. It's going to be hard to be the ones who send their housemates home but Diddy wants cuts to be made -- now!

    The two men that are sent packing are old guy Jeremic and new guy Devin. Both are devastated and feel betrayed by their housemates. With the cuts, new tension has been created within the house, and the remaining Making the Band hopefuls know that the competition is about to take a crazy turn.