1. Hip-hop superstar, Pittsburgh, PA transplant and the undisputed leader of the Most Dope crew. Mac is hilarious, unpredictable, brilliant and creative and is living the life the average 21 year old could only imagine. A multitalented musician, Mac...   Read More

  2. Former NFL player and Mac's bodyguard, Big Dave hails from Tallahassee, Florida and met his future boss and friend at a Mac Miller show. Dave is a master chef, and mean on the barbecue. Dave has been there and done it all, and is voice of reason...   Read More

  3. Chelsea is the motor that keeps Mac going. As Mac's day to day assistant, she has seen the best and the worst, and it's up to her to make sure Mac is always firing on all cylinders. She started working with Mac when she was in college and even...   Read More

  4. On stage, DJ Clockwork keeps the party going -- off stage, he's the life of the party. Better known to Mac as "Clock," the DJ extraordinaire is a nonstop source of laughter that brings some necessary comic relief to the Most Dope Family. The...   Read More

  5. Jimmy is Mac's oldest friend from Pittsburgh--they've known each other since Mac was six years old. Jimmy is an artist at heart, who'll design new tattoos and graffiti on his bedroom wall on a whim. Mac Miller fans know him from videos like "Donald...   Read More

  6. Quentin, or "Q," balances the perfect mix of business and bullshitting. He's launching the REMember record label with Mac and helps handle many of his friend's music affairs, but as soon as the work turns into play, Q is the first one there. Q met...   Read More