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    The exotic and outrageous lives of a group of young drifters who teach surfing to tourists by day and party hard by night are exposed. Everything takes place under the watchful eye of their boss and father-figure, Kimo Kinimaka, owner of The Royal Hawaiia...  Read Full Summary


  1. Kimo goes on a rampage when his Surf Instructors skip out on work to party hard on a weekend trip to Hana.

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  3. Get to know the guys who party hard and surf even harder.

  4. The guys of the Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy make hard work look good. Check out tees and more here!

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  1. When Kimo arrives early at his Surf Academy, he back to find a mess. Pulling the guys...  Read Full Summary »


  2. After making the nine-mile trek to Lanai, Alex is considered the man by most locals....  Read Full Summary »


  3. It's the first day of summer in Hawaii and tourist season is in full swing. The surf...  Read Full Summary »


About Living Lahaina

  1. If you're a pretty young thing in a string bikini and wanna learn to ride, these are your go-to guys -- unless, of course, there's a happy hour or beach party going on.

    There's Alex, whose sick skills have him balancing on the brink of becoming a full-on force in the surf scene. The ladies love him, but he's usually too busy surfing to notice. Casey is almost solely responsible for keeping the happy juice flowing through the bar -- he's partied his way through every bar in Lahaina, and he's gotten kicked out of most of them too. Then there's Matt, an inked-up headbanger who's just as adept at handling girls as he is handling his board.

    Dave's a chill peacemaker who often finds himself breaking up fights when the guys get on each other's last nerve ... or go after the same girl. Sean Souza, who also hangs with the guys, is a large local and an aspiring UFC fighter, so it's best to stay on his good side. Finally, there's Kimo Kinimaka. As the owner of the Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy, he's the guys' boss and landlord and is the closest thing they've got to an authority figure.

    Kimo may try to do what he can to keep the guys in line (which doesn't always work out, like when none of them show up to work), but boys will be boys, and the scantily clad hotties in bikinis motivate them just as much as pulling in a paycheck. And when they're not riding the waves, they can usually be found having a drink or playing video games.

    But as much as life in Lahaina often revolves around babes, brews, hooking up and throwing up, the boys also demonstrate gnarly abilities that go beyond just surfing while extremely hung over. They also put themselves on the line by riding out extreme challenges in search of life's most epic waves -- the kind that'd send even the most skilled boarder paddling back to the shore.

    Yeah, they're local lords of the boards, but will their dreams of becoming serious surf stars come true? Wax up your board and join Lahaina's biggest slackers for the ride of your life.