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  1. It's finally time for Ryan to move into his own home. Gretchen has been working diligently to get Ryan's affairs in order, but Ryan fears that his mom is taking over and his creative say will go unheard. After an argument between the two of them, Ryan co...  Read Full Summary »


  2. The day has finally come when Ryan hears that his offer has been accepted on the house of his dreams. Once the reality hits, a new issue arises -- should Tony be another roommate? At the invitation of Red Bull, Ryan says Auf Wiedershen to San Clemente for...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Recently, there's been a ton of upheaval in the life of Ryan Sheckler. He broke up with...  Read Full Summary »



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About Life of Ryan

  1. For pro skater Ryan Sheckler, life is all about balance. It's a skill he must continually master in order to dominate the competitive world of skateboarding. Ryan's flips, grinds, grabs and signature "Shecklair" trick all depend on it -- and it's what makes him one of the hottest young skaters in the business. But while being king of the skate park comes naturally to Ryan, finding a way to balance his family, friends and career is no easy task. So, what's it really like to live the Life of Ryan? Season 2 of MTV's hit reality show reveals all the drama, all the angst, all the laughter and all the skills that go along with being Ryan Sheckler.

    At the end of season 1, Ryan was caught in the middle of his parents' divorce and decided it was time to make his escape by buying his first house. But his decision saddened the rest of the Sheckler family, and Ryan was having a hard time juggling his social life and search for the perfect girl, let alone figuring out how to run a household while still a teenager. Despite all this, will Ryan decide it's still the right time to fly the coop?

    After what seems like an endless summer, season 2 of Life of Ryan kicks off with Ryan's friends heading back to school as Ryan prepares to hit the road again. He's hoping to win the Action Sports Dew Tour, as he has in years past, and travel the world showing off his street skills, which will give him the opportunity to get back to basics with other "core" skaters.

    But turning up the heat on his career means spending more time away from home, and that means more time away from his family and friends. As usual, it looks like Ryan's desire to be a "normal" kid doesn't mesh with his quest to conquer the world of skateboarding, especially when it comes to meeting the girl of his dreams. After a few frustrating false starts during season 1 of Life of Ryan, could Ryan finally find that special girl he's been looking for? And if he does, will he be able to give the budding relationship the attention it deserves while maintaining his high-profile career?

    Like the art of skateboarding, life is a balancing act -- you've got to stay focused while having fun. Welcome to the Life of Ryan.