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  1. Skateboard phenom Ryan Sheckler stepped onto his father's skateboard when he was just 18 months old. He took that board with him everywhere he went for the next three years. On his fourth Christmas he asked for a skateboard of his own. When Ryan...   Read More

  2. Shane is Ryan's younger brother (and older brother to Kane). Like Ryan, he's a typical teenage boy who enjoys going to school, hanging out with his friends and, yes, skateboarding in his free time. Shane and Ryan have a really close relationship,...   Read More

  3. Eight-year-old Kane is Ryan and Shane's younger brother, and he is as innocent and cute as can be. Being the youngest of three boys can be rough on any kid but Kane holds his own alongside his big brothers, especially in the skate park. While Ryan...   Read More

  4. Ryan's mom, Gretchen, wears many hats in the Sheckler family. Not only is she the mother of three growing boys, but she's also Ryan's manager. Gretchen is a pro at juggling family life and running Ryan's career. She often travels with Ryan to his...   Read More

  5. Seventeen-year-old Taylor was born and raised in sunny San Clemente, Calif., which is probably why she is extremely athletic. She loves to surf, snowboard and play soccer. In fact, she recently made the high school soccer team. When Taylor is not on...   Read More

  6. Already 18 years old, Casey is Ryan's best friend and the oldest of their group of friends. Casey just graduated from high school and not only has to deal with growing up and heading off to college but also his parents' recent divorce. In a weird...   Read More

  7. Of all of Ryan's friends, Tony stands out the most. He's outspoken and always wants to be the center of attention. Tony has a flair for the dramatic and he and Ryan are very competitive. Like his friends, Tony grew up in San Clemente, Calif., and...   Read More

  8. Ryan Sheckler's father, Randy, and their mother, Gretchen, married in 1988. When Ryan, Shane and Kane were growing up, Randy could always be found videotaping the boys as they tried out new skateboarding moves in the backyard. He loved watching them...   Read More