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  1. The finale is here! And, after Lauren was let go, the drama continues in the casting office as Bernard Telsey tells Autumn, Bailey and Rhiannon that only two of them will be moving forward in The Search for Elle Woods. The judges are left to......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The Search For Elle Woods comes to a close after Autumn and Bailey perform three full Legally Blonde numbers at The Palace Theatre on Broadway.


  2. Who will make the best Elle Woods? Watch all three of Autumn and Bailey's audition numbers from the Palace Theater on Broadway right here!


  3. Autumn and Bailey pay a visit to Laura Bell Bundy's dressing room for some pre-performance advice.


About Episode

  1. The finale is here! And, after Lauren was let go, the drama continues in the casting office as Bernard Telsey tells Autumn, Bailey and Rhiannon that only two of them will be moving forward in The Search for Elle Woods.

    The judges are left to choose between the unique Rhiannon, the vocal powerhouse Autumn or the girl with "all the right moves" Bailey. Ultimately, the concerns over Rhiannon's voice trump her bubbly personality and the kooky blonde is sent home ... which means Autumn and Bailey will face-off for the role of Elle Woods.

    It's eerily quiet in the Legally Blonde loft when Bailey and Autumn wake up the next morning. During a solemn breakfast, there's clearly tension in the air. Both girls are intent on winning the competition -- and there can only be one winner.

    But Bailey and Autumn are able to enjoy a moment of giddy excitement when the call sheet arrives, stating their next workshop will be at The Palace Theater -- where Legally Blonde: The Musical is actually performed! Both girls giggle with glee as they enter the theater, going backstage and passing the dressing rooms that they might soon inhabit. Neither can contain their excitement when they step onstage holding hands while they take in the ambiance. The moment is bittersweet because, for one of them, this is the end of the line.

    Mentor Haylie Duff joins them onstage, informing Bailey and Autumn that their last audition will be the toughest one yet. They'll be performing "Omigod You Guys," "Positive" and "So Much Better" on the actual set with the cast members and a full orchestra. To make things even more stressful, the audition will take place the very next day. This is the real deal!

    Bailey and Autumn realize that during this audition they must prove they are a true triple threat -- acting, dancing and singing in the three challenging numbers. Fortunately, choreographer Denis Jones, associate director Mark Bruni and vocal coach Seth Rudetsky are all on hand to help the girls rehearse. Aside from learning all the music and choreography, the girls must deal with maneuvering across a stage that has moving parts and trap doors. It's hard -- especially in heels!

    Autumn is most worried about performing "Positive," as dancing isn't her strong suit and she's never learned the beginning of the song. Bailey is confident that she'll embody the character of Elle Woods, but is nervous about hitting the last note of "So Much Better." Plus, she knows that singing is Autumn's strongest suit, so she's going to have to really step it up.

    When Denis throws the rest of the Legally Blonde: The Musical cast in the mix, Bailey and Autumn are overwhelmed. After a long day of rehearsals, they are happy to return to the loft to relax. Confident that she looks and acts like Elle Woods, Bailey doesn't think she needs to practice anymore. But Autumn chooses to use every moment she has to prepare for the audition.

    The big day finally arrives, and a town car picks up Bailey and Autumn to bring them to the audition. Bailey is very quiet on the ride over, choosing to focus on what lies ahead of her rather than chatting up Autumn. When they arrive at The Palace Theater, they immediately head to their dressing rooms for hair, makeup and costume fittings. It takes a small army to get the job done.

    Once they're both in full Elle Woods gear, Haylie Duff calls Bailey and Autumn up to the stage. She points out that Legally Blonde: The Musical director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell will be a special guest judge who will make the final decision. And there's one more surprise: their parents have been flown in to watch.

    Time for the audition of their lives! Bailey kicks things off with her rendition of "Ohmigod You Guys," and the judges immediately take note of how much she looks like Elle Woods. Autumn counters with an impressive performance, prompting Bernard Telsey to enthuse over her voice.

    Next up, Autumn must prove to the judges that she can handle the complicated dance moves required for "Positive." Aside from flubbing a line, she's just not hitting her steps. But Autumn is thrilled with her performance. Meanwhile, Bailey has nothing to worry about while dancing, but her singing is a little off.

    Not surprisingly, Autumn rocks the vocals during the final number, "So Much Better" and Bailey proves she's almost as strong vocally. But, more importantly, Bernard Telsey and Jerry Mitchell really "see" her as Elle Woods.

    As impressed as they were with both girls, the judges hold nothing back when it comes to critiquing their performances. Writer Heather Hach notes that Autumn started off on the wrong foot but Jerry Mitchell thinks she recovered wonderfully. Bernard Telsey praises Bailey for finally showing that she can act the part of Elle Woods rather than simply relying on their real-life similarities. Still, Jerry doesn't like Bailey's habit of "shmacting" -- looking out into the audience instead of at her scene partner. While Jerry loves Autumn's voice, he just doesn't buy her as a sorority girl.

    When all is said and done, Jerry says neither nailed it. Bailey's voice is good, but it's not as good as Autumn's. And Autumn's dancing pales in comparison to Bailey's. Too bad he couldn't just meld the two girls together!

    Bailey and Autumn retreat to their dressing rooms to reflect on their critiques while the judges make their final decision. Autumn is confident she will win the role of Elle because she wouldn't be a carbon copy of Laura Bell Bundy, while Bailey thinks she will win because she doesn't have to try to be Elle, she is Elle.

    Now, the moment of truth. With their parents and the judges watching, Bailey and Autumn are called back to the stage. Haylie Duff holds an envelope containing the name of the next Elle Woods. Tension runs high as the girls wait to hear who made the cut. When Haylie announces that Bailey is Broadway bound, Bailey falls to the ground and cries. As streamers rain down, she's ready for her Broadway debut!